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Rapelli: Recipes as dynamic content for communication.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Aiming to generate interactions with the Rapelli brand and fuelling the brand's culinary delights online, as well as the whole brand experience in German-speaking Switzerland, Rapelli is using their Bottega recipes as content and Converto's technology for intelligent distribution.“

Screenshot Rapelli Website - Rezepte Datenbank
Screenshot: Rapelli Website

Convertos site crawler read out the images, texts, teasers and descriptions of the recipes on the Rapelli website according to specific rules, sorted them and stored them curated in the Feed Master Engine.

Through the automated processes of Converto AI, it was possible to create dynamic banners and play the recipes as any ad format on the placements.

Hundreds of banners - without any production effort or costs!

From the recipes, the crawler reassembles the extracted elements as neeeded in real time.

This creates formats for all possible plscements that do not have to be physically produced, but use the content already created on the website.

Rapelli cleverly uses this advantage for the dissemination of their communication.

At Converto, this technology is called FEED BASED ADVERTISING.

Rapelli's campaign imperessively illustrates that dynamic communication in the food sector even without an online shop makes complete sense.

The interaction rates of 0.2% with the recipes show the positive effect of communicating with real content and thus being relevant for potential customers.

70% Viewability and an aveerage contact dose of 7 within three weeks generated high brand awareness among the people reached.

„Thanks to Converto's Feed Based Advertising, we were able to generate high awareness for the different seasonal Rapelli recipe variations without any production effort. With Converto's dynamic campaign technology, we were able to ideally meet people's increased need to cook at home and try out new recipes since the corona crisis."

Ivan Trezzini, Communications Manager at Rapelli SA, Switzerland

Visit Rapelli's recipes and let yourself be inspired by the diversity of the Mastri Salumieri's unique world of enjoyment with the typical atmosphere of the Ticino way of life.

You can read here how dynamic advertising works without production effort:

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