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Free advice on the most innovative B2B targeting solution.

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Reach your corporate customers

Converto B2B Targeting is the unbeatable solution for identifying corporate customers and reaching them with targeted communication. We would be happy to explain how this works to you in a short conversation.


Experience and Innovation

Converto's B2B targeting is synonymous with: innovation, independence, service, results and simplicity.


We have been successfully implementing B2B campaigns for years - always individually adapted to the specifications and goals of our customers. We rely on innovative targeting technologies that reach the relevant people at the right time and with the perfect message.

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How does our B2B solution support you?

Converto B2B Targeting is fully focused on achieving goals. your goals!

📌 Acquisition of new customers

- identify potential customers or partners

- early placement in the process of building a company

- specific offers per industry and company

📌 Customer loyalty

- keep existing customers

- Confirmation that your customers are right with you

📌 Increase your sales

- Better market products or services

- Upselling, loyalty campaign 

📌 Building or strengthening your brand

- Improve reputation / awareness of your company

- Differentiate your business from the competition

📌 Market research

- Survey your customers - explicitly from one industry

- Learn more, quickly and directly about the needs of your customers

For your success in B2B marketing. For the goals of your company.

Advertise with Converto B2B Marketing.

We guarantee you:

✅ Targeting more than 750 industries

✅ Determination of the ideal company size of your target group

✅ Access to founding year information. Young or old companies.

 Additional targeting such as regions, countries, languages +++

✅ Combination with 3D Augmented Ads, Dynamic Video and Banner Ads

✅ All popular online, mobile, video and native formats.

 Guaranteed fire safe!

 Excellent viewability.

 Individual advice and a personal contact person!

 Your tailor-made campaign

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Converto B2B targeting

Directly target companies and sectors across Europe.

Already numerous successful implementations.

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