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Dynamic Ad Solutions enable you generate ads for more relevant communication in real time.

Compared to other DCO providers, Converto's independent solution offers you so many more possibilities when it comes to automatically merging data streams of any kind into advertising media – as banners, native ads, video, or AR – enriched with location data, purchase and behavioral data, services and product information and much more.
You can tell us about your most secret marketing wishes and we will make them reality. Customized for you!

Dynamic advertising with infinitely more possibilities.


Your rules, your data, the user situation and the whole variety of advertising formats

Depending on the situation and/or rules defined by you, the appropriate assets are pulled from the database and loaded into the template, which was created 100% according to your wishes. The ad can then be composed as an image, video, HTML 5, native ad, email and/or letter post.


DCO Anbieter
Data & Strategy
  • Flexible Auslieferung

  • Auswahl an diversen Auslieferungsmöglichkeiten

  • Vollständige Automatisierung möglich

  • Arbeitsraum nur innerhalb des Datenuniversums des Anbieters

  • unflexibel

  • HTML 5



  • Template-Erstellung durch DCO-Anbieter

  • komplex und aufwändig

  • separate Erstellung für jedes Format

  • Ungeeignet, um eigenes Branding umzusetzen

  • Mit allen gängigen Feed-Formaten kompatibel 

  • Zusätzlich strukturierte Daten, die über Site Crawler oder Spider ausgelesen werden

Nur entsprechend der Spezifikationen zulässig

Your greatest benefit with CONVERTO DYNAMICS

  • individual campaign support and advice

  • targeted campaign planning

  • customizable templates

  • full integration of your CD/CI

  • endless ads for numerous devices and screens

  • immediate implementation as real video formats for pre- and mid-rolls, bumper ads and all common video placements

  • full use of your structured data

  • complete control over content in real time

A variety of campaign possibilities.

With CONVERTO DYNAMICS you benefit from a wide range of applications. Depending on the situation, the system decides which content the user should see in your advertisement. Always suitable for the current stage in the customer journey as well as environment, behavior, goals – and according to your rules.


​CONVERTO DYNAMICS offers delivery in many advertising formats; special templates can be created on request.

Depending on your goals, the available assets, terms and budget, we choose and combine these formats:

  • display and mobile ads

  • video

  • native

  • augmented 3D ads

  • e-mail

  • post mailing

  • structured data

    • database formats​

    • shop data

    • EAN system data

    • CRM data

    • Excel data

    • RSS data

  • Website HTML Awards for Converto Crawler 

  • External data

    • geo-political​

    • meteo & air data

    • environment data 

    • situations

  • 1st-party data​

  • 3rd-party data still possible on request


CONVERTO DYNAMICS includes delivery on high-quality environments.

  • curated sitelist

  • at least 70% viewability 

  • brand safety (IAS/MOAT, etc...)

  • high-reach sites

  • affinity targeting

  • contextual targeting

  • above mentioned campaign designs (retail, politics, situation, persona etc...)


You can display CONVERTO DYNAMICS on various devices and advertising spaces:




smart tv


Within the CONVERTO DYNAMICS cockpit – the Converto Feed Master – the content of your ads can be updated and edited in real time.

Behind the scenes

If you wish, we can introduce you the technology behind CONVERTO DYNAMICS: the Feed Based Advertising technology by Converto. It's best to make an appointment right away!

And here the detailed overview of all technical facts:

CONVERTO DYNAMICS is the technical solution that allows you to design countless advertising materials suitable for each user, fill them with content and output them in various formats – all in one place.

Optimizations are performed according to your specifications and based on the current situation of the user.

From a production and cost point of view, CONVERTO DYNAMICS campaigns are extremely efficient, and, at the same time, maximally effective because they deliver personalized messages in infinite variance and are therefore always relevant to the user.

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