With PERFORMANCE REACH  bring your content, your videos, your display ads, and your digital out of home message to reach!

Convertos PERFORMANCE REACH offers you the ideal solution for campaigns in Switzerland that should be seen.

Our PERFORMANCE REACH solution puts your company on the road to success.


  • 100% premium pages with high content and editorial quality, reach and awareness ​

  • ​ High visibility> 70% 

  • Precise targeting

  • 100% brand protection / brand safety




This is how a performance reach campaign works.

Before, during and after your campaign


You can rely on the personal and individual support of the Converto team and its razor-sharp and presentation-ready reports and analyses.

You will see that previously complex performance campaigns suddenly become easy to understand due to elaborate setup, evaluation and optimisation as well as demanding interpretation of results, but without losing precision.


Quality oriented display, video, DOOH advertising has never been easier!

The focus for performance campaigns


This type of campaign focuses on the convincing performance of qualitative reach. With Convertos Performance Reach you can place your ad in a premium digital environment with guaranteed brand conformity and real users.


Thanks to our intelligent targeting technology, you can reach your desired target group with a perfect fit.


Performance Reach is a unique range-oriented communication solution to advertise qualitatively, to direct relevant traffic to the website and to increase your brand, product awareness and your content.

1st strategy: Joint development or adaptation

We support you in finding and defining your performance strategy with regard to your defined goals.

2. KPIs: Relevant measuring points always in view

Together we define measurement factors that are relevant to your marketing goals!

3. Formats: Common IAB standards and large formats

4. Targeting: Extensive and combinable targeting options

For instance:

Gender & age | language | region | device | previous advertising contacts | previous website visits | previous interactions.

5. Costs: In the CPM model at attractive conditions because it is directly integrated

We invoice the campaigns according to models customary in the industry. You benefit from enormously attractive conditions, which we can offer due to our direct cooperation with publishing houses, publishers and websites.

6. Reporting

Ideally, but always tailored to your personal needs and specifications, we conduct a weekly analysis and discussion of the KPIs and the target alignment in order to strategically review and, if necessary, adjust optimisation approaches.

Performance reach

Performance Reach is the solution for advertisers who want to promote their company, brand or product qualitatively in order to increase relevant traffic on their website / landing page and increase their conversion rate.

You can get your highly efficient campaign in three easy steps:

  1. Joint definition of goals (KPIs for reach, website visitors or orders)
  2. Target group definition with common targeting parameters (socio-demographic, interests, etc.) and Converto's intelligent targeting technology

  3. Delivery of your promotional material to Converto.


We'll do the rest.

To use

  • Implementation of your own tracking

  • Full transparency of the customer journey

  • Measurable performance of your campaigns

  • Low costs & low effort for advertising material

  • Precise targeting for low wastage

  • Closed publisher pool with> 400 high-quality, national websites to strengthen credibility (DTI = Direct Tag Integration)

  • 100% brand protection to secure your brand values

  • High viewability (> 70%)

  • Personal support for a trusting partnership

  • Frequency control (Frequency Cappings) / OTS

  • Efficient optimization on CPX / CPO

Performance reach