With Converto CrossMedia you are quickly playing in a different league.

With Convertos CrossMedia you start your communication on online channels and can use all advertising media for mobile and desktop as video or display ad.

Both platforms from Converto, Feed Based Advertising with feed generated advertising material and Performance Reach with already produced advertising material support this part of the CrossMedia campaign.



No dead ends, linked communication, online and offline.
One user in the center!

No dead ends.

The secret is the comparison of the online contacts with real addresses (mailbox). This provides the basis for starting physical delivery as vouchers, coupons, invitations or other information. Your CRM data is compared with our database. You decide whether you only want to address new customers or loyal existing customers. Converto takes care of the dispatch with automatically produced mailings.

Direct mail only?

Converto also integrates the email solution so that reminders can be sent in the same way as with physical dispatch in the form of an email. Fully automated.


This creates a strong push channel.

A flow of communication on the web, email and post that is geared towards the user and his behavior has a strong effect in encouraging the recipient to interact.


As a range measure, communication can be extended to digital out of home.


Display, Video, Native Ads

Matching rate

Recognition of physical persons from the Online Unique Users.


Opening rate 

People who open a cross-media remarketing email. 



People who click on a crossmedia remarketing email


Better performance


Compared to a classic email campaign.

With CrossMedia, Converto has developed a technical solution to assign online contacts to physical addresses and to address them again via post and / or electronic e-mail. 
This means that communication for online users and interested parties is continued without interruption.


Selected examples and references