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With Crossmedia you network your communication from online to personal contact

Our cross-media solution for communication along the decision-making process.

Crossmedia at Converto networks the user and the communication at the moment of contact and at the real point of contact. We are able to identify people and their electronic contact addresses, such as personal email addresses, based on these online contacts. An ad request to our server is sufficient for this.

This ad request is the basis for everything!

Personalized emails with local or even personal offers through to mailing personalized samples, letters or coupons are possible.

No dead ends, linked communication, online to offline.
The user in focus!
Without dead ends. Everything connected. The secret.

The secret is the comparison of online contacts with real addresses (mailboxes). This is the basis for starting physical shipping as vouchers, vouchers, invitations or other information.


And your CRM data can be compared with our database. You decide whether you only want to address new customers or also loyal existing customers.


Converto handles the shipping with automatically produced mailings, in your look & feel, with your message and on your terms.

And in addition to direct mailing, there is also email marketing!  

We offer you a personalized e-mail solution so that reminders can be sent in the form of an e-mail in exactly the same way as with physical delivery. Fully automated. Addressed personally.


A strong push channel that you always have access to.

A flow of communication geared towards the user and his behavior on the web, in email and by post achieves an unbeatable effect in motivating the recipient to interact with your offer.


Isn't that enough for you? Then add DOOH to your media mix and increase your reach.

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With CrossMedia, Converto offers a technical solution for assigning online contacts to physical addresses and addressing them again via post and/or electronic e-mailing. 

This means that communication for online users and interested parties can continue without interruption.

Get it contact with us. 

Crossmedia campaigns are easy to implement!

With the right technology, you can focus on your concept and turn your story into a real experience. 

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