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With our Crossmedia solution you can tailor your communication from the electronic contact to physical mailings.

Hardly any other CROSSMEDIA solution offers such a comprehensive approach of user targeting from the first electronic to physical contact. Tailored targeting or conversion with user recognition and GDPR-compliant matching of address and contact information, taking location, user situation and individual rules into account.

AdImpression, email address and postal address. User and medium – connected.

Our cross-media solution for communication along the decision journey.

No dead ends, linked communication, online to offline. The users in focus!


The ad request as a foundation

CONVERTO CROSSMEDIA connects the user and the communication at the moment of contact and at the actual touch point. We are able to identify people and their electronic contact addresses, such as their personal email address, based on their contact with an ad. All it takes is an ad request in the form of an ad impression or ad clicks to our servers.

This ad request is the basis for everything!

Personalized emails with local or even tailored offers as well as physical mailings of customized samples, letters or coupons are possible.

Our cross-media solution for communication along the decision journey.

Matching online contacts with personal address data

The secret is matching online contacts with real addresses. This is the foundation for physical mailings such as vouchers, invitations or other information.


Your CRM data can also be compared with our database. You decide whether you only want to address new customers or loyal existing customers, too.


Converto handles the postal dispatch with automatically produced mailings, in your look & feel, with your message and on your terms.

And for direct mailing there is also email marketing!

We offer you a customized solution which allows you to send reminders in the form of an e-mail. Fully automated. Tailored to the recipient.


A strong tool that you always have access to.

A flow of communication geared towards the user and his behavior on the web, in email and by post achieves an unbeatable effect in motivating the recipient to interact with your offer.


IYou want more? Then add DOOH to your media mix and iincrease your reach.


CONVERTO Crossmedia is undeniably the best crossmedia solution that exists.


We offer you the complete package – from online campaigns to samples sent by post or email communication with business or private target groups.


Secure and anonymous data exchange with opt-in approvals enable close targeting throughout sales funnel until completion.


If you wish, we can use your format selection, offer you online and mobile formats, display, video, native, email and post – everything is personalized and tailored to THE ONE PERSON who you'd like to target.

CONVERTO CROSSMEDIA is the technical solution to assign online contacts to physical addresses in order to later address them via postal dispatch and/or electronic e-mailing.

This means that communication for online users and interested parties continues without interruption.

Crossmedia campaigns are easy to implement!

With the right technology, you can focus on your concept and turn your story into a real experience.

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