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The challenges of B2B online marketing and how to solve them.

Aktualisiert: 12. Sept. 2023

In today's digital age, where companies increasingly need to operate online, B2B online marketing has taken on a key role. But while the digital landscape offers endless possibilities, B2B marketers face various challenges to overcome. Complex buying decisions, demanding target groups, and the essential task of building trust are just some of the hurdles companies face.

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The reality of B2B online marketing is complex. Business decision-making is often inherently longer and involves multiple stakeholders with different interests and concerns. With this in mind, it is essential not only to generate interest but also to gain the trust of business customers - a process that requires tact and targeted approaches.

So far, no vendor has been able to find real solutions to the challenges of B2B online marketing ... yet!

In the following, we will highlight the biggest hurdles for online marketing in the B2B sector and then devote the second part of the article to the innovative solutions that Converto provides for these problems.

Five challenges of B2B online marketing

Consumer goods have long been an integral part of online retailing. Sophisticated technologies and tried-and-tested marketing strategies are available for bringing products to end consumers. B2B companies are often lagging in development because they face particular challenges for which adequate solutions have been lacking.

Five of the most prominent challenges for B2B online marketing are:

  1. High wastage In B2B marketing, using your resources efficiently and minimizing wastage is essential. Scattering losses occur when marketing activities reach people who do not belong to your target group or have no interest in your offer. This can lead to wasted resources and lower conversion rates. The challenge is defining your target audience precisely, creating detailed customer profiles, and developing marketing strategies targeting those specific customer profiles. Targeting segmentation, personalized communications, and refining your messages can achieve this. This is where the heart of Converto's solution comes into play: specific B2B targeting. With unparalleled accuracy, Converto can target advertising by company type, company size, industries, headquarters, country and region. This results in precise targeting that reaches the relevant decision-makers while minimizing wastage.

  2. Personalized communication Due to the individuality of B2B customers and their specific needs, personalized communication is crucial. The challenge is to deliver relevant content and messages tailored to each customer's needs. It can be particularly challenging to scale this personalization to larger audiences. Creating and delivering personalized content and messages efficiently requires robust data and automation tools. Converto's B2B solution makes it possible first to identify potential customers and/or partners and then deliver specific offers to an industry or company.

  3. Awareness among business customers Awareness, i.e. the awareness of a brand, products or services, is also of decisive importance in the B2B sector. B2B customers can't make informed decisions if they don't even know about the existence of a company or its offerings. So, how does a company attract the attention of potential business customers online? The first step is a targeted advertising strategy that uses display formats, videos and native ads, for example, to address decision-makers online. And this is also outside the usual business platforms and networks. With Converto's B2B solution, advertising stands out from the competition and is also seen by the right eyes in relevant environments.

  4. New customer acquisition and long-term relationships B2B is often about building and maintaining long-term customer relationships. This requires a focus on customer satisfaction, regular communication and the provision of added value throughout the business relationship. Converto's B2B solution can help companies acquire new customers and stay top-of-mind with customers. Combined with Converto Crossmedia, communication can be extended to e-mail or take place offline - e.g., through upselling mailings.

  5. ROI proof and measurable success In B2B marketing, it is often difficult to prove the direct impact of marketing activities on sales. Among other reasons, the customer journey, in most cases, lasts several months if not years. The challenge is to set up appropriate tracking mechanisms to measure the impact of online marketing on the entire customer journey. Here, Converto offers comprehensive, advanced tracking in addition to standard tracking. This allows companies to track which specific companies are interested in their offers, enabling optimized adaptation of marketing strategies.

Challenges are also opportunities.

Even though B2B companies have to face various challenges in online marketing - these are not (anymore) insurmountable. With sophisticated solutions developed specifically for B2B online marketing, these difficulties can be effectively addressed.

Those who are prepared to face these challenges and rely on innovative solutions today can be pioneers in their industry. Through precise targeting, personalized communications and optimized tracking, companies can become leaders in the B2B space. The digital landscape may be complex, but it also holds immense opportunities for growth and success.

Your partner for customized B2B online campaigns

At Converto, we have been successfully implementing B2B campaigns for years - always individually adapted to the specifications and goals of our customers. We use innovative targeting technologies that reach relevant people at the right time and with the perfect message. Always brand-safe and in compliance with data protection laws.

Converto's B2B targeting can be seamlessly combined with various advertising solutions and other targeting. From Augmented 3D for impressive 3-dimensional product presentations to dynamic ad placements with video, display and native ads. Similarly, services can be mapped in various ways and, therefore, offer any company a suitable path to online advertising.

Would you like to learn more? We would be happy to give you a closer look at our B2B solution.

Contact us: or call: +41 43 255 20 10.

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