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Nissan | OMG - CrossMedia™ Remarketing-Campaign for Nissan's electric car - Display-E-Mail.

CrossMedia™ Remarketing Campaign for Nissan's e-NV200 - OMG uses Converto's data-driven CrossMedia solution to promote the Nissan e-NV200 with display and personalised direct mail.

In the cross-channel campaign based on the OMG strategy, Converto promoted the B2B offer of the Nissan e-NV200 in two dialogue stages. In the first stage, the aim was to attract the attention of the predefined B2B target group. As many relevant users as possible were addressed via the display channel. Using Converto's data-driven CrossMedia solution, these users were matched in real time with a database of over 4 million commecially usable addresses.

The high number of unique users and the matching rate with the database, which at 42% was about one and a half times higher than the benchmark, show that the selected target group was addressed better than average through display.

In the second dialogue stage, the aim was to deepen interest in the car. The users who were identified through the display campaign via Converto's CrossMedia solution could be addressed and personally reached with an email remarketing strategy. Only the users who were pre-qualified via display were automatically addressed personally with an email.

This intelligent and data-driven combination of anonymous online display targeting and personal direct mailing leads to very high interaction rates.

Nissan intelligently increases the reach of their product campaign to new customers and achieves above-average results.

Jens Ruckli,

Marketing Manager, Nissan Motor Corporation, Switzerland

"Marketing and communication consisting of numerous components must, in addition to an extraordinary product like our Nissan e-NV200, also be coordinated in the media strategy, planning and tactical implementation so that it reaches the right consumer at the right time. CrossMedia used correctly thus becomes a supporting element to intelligently accompany the target group in the customer journey and to bring them closer to the conclusion of the deal.

In order to address our B2B target groups outside of our own customer base, to develop new buyers or to validate our own data, we need cleverness or a technology that maps this cleverness technically, structually and in the relevant processes. Converto impressed us with this campaign, because we were able to start interactions with our potential new customers in an extraordinarily efficient and very effective way."

Julien Swoboda

Communication Director, OMD, Switzerland

"Finding partners who are innovative and can be easily integrated into a communication strategy gives us plenty of room to focus on the precise implementation of our campaigns. With Converto's CROSSMEDIA technology, we can offer our advertisers an innovative and stable campaign option. With new customer acquisition, as in this case with the Nissan e-NV200, it is important to accompany the user along the customer journey and with Converto we manage this not only online (display/video) but also through dialogue marketing (email/physical mailing) which leads to the best results. To close the gap between online and offline communication and the alignment of data has been an integral part of Converto's implementation. This has made the campaign exceptionally strong, efficient and successfull."

Jacky Korrodi

Head of Key Account Management, CONVERTO, Switzerland

"Nissan and OMD had a clear vision and goal for the Nissan e-NV200 campaign right from the start and communicated it to us. For this reason, both recognised the high innovation potential, the realistic implementation capability and the agile integration possibilities in the overall campaign. From our side too, it immediately made sense to use CROSSMEDIA to address the special target group and to tap into unused resources. All components led to a super successful campaign. Considering the integration possibilities of our CROSSMEDIA solution on your own campaigns, you will be surprised by the accuracy, the efficiency, the delivery of our promise for a true crossmedia campaign. Nissan and OMD, together with Converto's CROSSMEDIA, have achieved success for the Nissan e-NV200."

In summary:


Unique Impressions

The first part of the cross-channel dialogue marketing campaign (dialogue stage 1) was about raising awareness for the Nissan e-NV200.



The matching rate of Converto was 16% higher than the benchmark set by Nissan, which means that the selected target group was addressed better than average via the display ads.


CrossMedia Remarketing

The users who were recognised in the display campaign via the cross-channel tag were also informed about the Nissan e-NV200 via email.

109'690 Emails

In the languages German, French and Italian

Those users who were identified via the cross-channel tag could be targeted with email re-marketing.



The advertisement from Nissan (email template) was opened by 22,637 people with an open rate of 22.84% and a click rate of 3.3%, 3,192 people clicked to discover more about the Nissan e-NV200.


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