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New members of the top-management team: Kim Engels as new CEO and Matteo Schuerch as Chairman.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Converto AG, the marketing technology innovator from Schwyz, is getting reinforcements for its European expansion.

When a company proliferates and is successful, structures, tasks and employees change. If you are a founder, owner, CEO, sales and NewBiz manager in this successful setting, then you know as a professional when the time has come to focus. Matteo's strength lies in sensing the momentum for decisions and taking action.

Foto: Andrea Mossa

With the CEO role, Matteo hands over the operational management to Kim Engels so that Converto's day-to-day business gets a real driving force and products can be maintained, further developed and new solutions launched for Converto's customers with great strength. Kim's marketing success, expertise and many years of experience in customer service, market consulting and business management complement Matteo's strengths perfectly.

Both will collaborate on critical strategic topics for Converto, with individual focus areas. As Chairman of the Board of Directors and expert for the core business, Matteo will strategically accompany the overall development of Converto and, simultaneously, have a constructive critical exchange for the company management with Kim as Managing Director. Both will also ensure that Converto's unique selling points remain strong against global competitors.

Kim's new responsibilities as CEO will include consolidating Converto's geographic expansion, launching new products and growing the company's successfully expanding client portfolio.

Matteo founded Converto AG 8 years ago. Today, the 25-strong company is active in the DACH region and serves over 300 advertising clients and agencies. Converto is an agile and independent company with a precise positioning whose solutions today are structured in four pillars: Crossmedia as a fully integrated solution, Dynamic Ad Solutions with the most versatile and specific offerings, Cookieless with complete data protection and privacy compliance and Performance Reach, for CPX-based communication on almost all digital channels.

Kim Engels, with his management experience for various international agencies in the DACH region's digital and marketing environment and his performance background, will be the new CEO of Converto AG from 01 November 2022 and will be available to all who wish to contact him in this capacity. Kim and Matteo will use the following months in tandem to handle the handover, familiarisation, client appointments and administrative matters.

Profile of Converto's new CEO: KIM ENGELS

  • Born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in Germany

  • Working in digital marketing since the end of the 90s

  • Started in SEO and affiliate marketing

  • Kim moved from there to the agency sector and worked at metapeople for ten years.

  • At metapeople in different roles in Germany, UAE, USA and Switzerland

  • After the station as location manager for metapeople Zurich, the change to Reprise / MediaBrands

  • Building up local CH Reprise and helping to shape Reprise in the DACH region

  • Within Mediabrands, change of role from Reprise to Managing Director of MediaBrands Switzerland.

  • The whole team of Converto is looking forward to the coming time and will be happy to answer any questions.

Foto: Andrea Mossa

Please also contact our marketing department:

In the interview by and with Kim and Matteo, you can find out what the future will look like.


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