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Graubünden Ferien is being earnest: Digital campaign presents the best hiking routes in Graubünden!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Through high-performance reach with display and video ads via the Converto DTI network, Graubünden Ferien achieves excellent interactions on the landing page.

With the call: "Ernst macht di parat" which translates to "Earnest will get you ready", Graubünden Ferien promoted 10 hiking tips that everyone should know with a targeted performance reach campaign via display and video advertising media.

The aim was to bring the extraordinary content of the Graubünden hiking tips to the attention of the German-speaking target group 25+ with a high affinity for travel and leisure through an attention-grabbing campaign and to convey awareness of Graubünden as a holiday destination.

The very high click-through rates, the high view-through rates, the high visibility of the advertising media and the placements via Converto's direct tag integration on high-quality Swiss websites ulitmately led to exceptionally good interaction rates on the landing page. "Ernst macht di parat", as well as on the Bernina Route subsite and the Hike to the source of the Rhine.

Here you can discover the Graubünden Ferien hiking tips for yourself!

In summary:



Ad Impressions


Click-Through-Rate (CTR)



1'664 Site Visits

Completed Views

75% +




Ad Impressions




Completed Views



Andreas Stopp, Online Marketing Manager at Graubünden Ferien:

«Through the Performance Reach campaign with Converto, we were able to show hiking tips to many potential guests through entertaining clips with the video ads and also received many high-quality clicks. In addition, thanks to the display campaign, we reached good quality visitors who looked at the specific tips and hiking tours on the landing page. Due to the very good click rate, the budget was used very efficiently and our goals were successfully achieved.»


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