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CONVERTO celebrates ...

Celebrating as a team, we really missed that!

The doorbell rings, the mail has arrived. A big package. "I didn't order anything ?!" The adhesive strips are quickly removed and the box was torn open. "Ohhh, cheese, biscuits, prosecco, salami, tortilla chips, tomato sauce, olives and nuts ..." Everything you need for a great aperitif.

Our supplier of choice:

On the card: The invitation to a virtual aperitif

For 1.5 hours we puzzled ourselves out of impossible situations and helped our moderator from EscapeZoom to solve the trickiest questions about the murder, the cosmos, geography, the big questions of mathematics and the world of sports.

That made you want more! We are already looking forward to the first LIVE event!

Do you have great ideas for a live team event, write us in the comments below!

We wish you all a great summer!


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