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Converto Analytics. Your KPIs at a glance. Clarity and transparency for your campaigns.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

For advertisers, advertising- and media agencies, we are launching Converto Analytics, a campaign analysis system that displays at a glance all KPIs that are important for evaluating the success and optimization measures for your specific campaigns.

Converto Analytics will inspire you to focus on unbiased results and generate insights you can't measure otherwise.

Through complete reprogramming, we have built a completely new data structure and put KPI-focused analytics at the heart of campaign monitoring and comparison. This is free for all Converto customers.

The analytics allow you to monitor changes in critical time periods, while the holistic views give you the relevant information to monitor campaigns at a glance and optimize them significantly.

Our team has developed Converto Analytics for you to provide our own campaign and key account management teams with robust information to improve your campaigns.

Converto Analytics includes significant innovations in data handling, data preparation, screenshot availability, metrics downloads, live access to results for consistent monitoring and analysis of KPIs, active user management and intuitive user interfaces.

You'll be surprised: Converto Analytics presents information in a way that fits your campaign goals. No more confusion, but real insights. Plus, you'll see charts that no other platform offers. For example, you can find out how the weather affects your campaign.

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