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5 reasons why you should rely on dynamic advertising

Static ads may have been effective in the past, but dynamic ads are the new standard in today's fast-paced digital world. In this article we explain what is behind dynamic advertising. We also share 5 reasons why you should rely on dynamic advertising to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.

What is dynamic advertising?

In the case of dynamic advertisements, the system decides which content should be displayed to users based on the situation. In order to be able to personalize the advertising material, different content (saved as XLS, database, feed, ...) is stored for each element (slogan, image, copy, call-to-action). These are then loaded into the advertising medium in real time, taking into account the individual characteristics and situation of the user.

How does dynamic advertising work?

Advertising is controlled on a rule-based basis using previously defined criteria. There are no limits to the type and number of criteria. On the contrary: The more precisely a user is recognized, the more specific the banner shown can be. Possible triggers are geographical origin, time and day, but also customer status, interests and any data that is additionally collected (or purchased).

It should be noted that not all providers can adapt the templates to the branding of the advertiser and if they can, then often only with enormous effort. Instead, a standard template is used in these cases.

5 reasons why you should rely on dynamic ads instead of static ads

  1. Banner BlindnessThe challenge for marketers as well as advertisers and agencies is to attract the attention of users. After almost three decades of banner advertising, banner blindness has set in - users have simply had enough. The click rates (the fact that these are no longer the most important indicator of a successful campaign is another matter) on static advertising media tend towards zero. Therefore, animated, interactive or even video or augmented advertisements are a prerequisite for standing out from the crowd and arousing the interest of users.

  2. RelevanceBy personalizing the advertising material and adapting it to the environment of the user, wastage is minimized when a campaign is played out. The dynamic advertising media also enable flexible remarketing at product level, adapted to the stage in the marketing funnel. This ensures that every website visitor is shown the advertising medium that is most likely to convert or generate the most lasting awareness.

  3. CurrentnessSince dynamic advertising media can quickly adapt to changing situations, such as the weather, they are always up-to-date and therefore potentially relevant for users. Furthermore, new products, for example, can be advertised more quickly, since only the product feed has to be adjusted, but not the advertising material itself.

  4. ResourcesDue to the fact that the product data is stored in its own database, from which the advertising material is continuously fed, a campaign with dynamic advertising material requires significantly fewer resources.Although the creation of the template initially seems more expensive, the investment is worthwhile, since adjustments do not have to be made to the template itself and the CDI specifications are implemented 100%.A wealth of advertising material can be created without much effort. So, for example, Atrupi Automatically generate a total of 560 banners for specific target groups.Especially with dynamic video ads, production costs can be significantly reduced through automation. Examples are the Bauhaus campaign or Jumbo< u>, who have opted for dynamically generated videos for their dDOOH campaign.The use of technology based on algorithms and artificial intelligence ultimately saves both (working) time and costs, while also having a positive effect on the campaign result.

  5. Continuous optimizationIn contrast to classic advertising media, dynamic ads offer the advantage that they can be adapted and thus further optimized without renewed production effort, based on data obtained during the campaign.

Converto Dynamics - dynamic advertising at Converto

In comparison to other providers, Converto scores with

  • a simple campaign setup

  • Pixel-accurate implementation of your branding

  • Individual adaptation to your needs and KPIs

  • flexible delivery of advertising material

  • Outsourcing from setup to delivery

By the way, we can also implement your campaign if you don't have an online shop or product feed. Converto can connect almost all types of (product) data and manage it independently of the platform - or efficiently extract the necessary information with the help of a site crawler. For example, Rapelli to use his recipes as dynamic content for a campaign.

Converto Dynamics - independence is the greatest freedom

Converto Dynamics is also unbeatable because we are the leading provider when it comes to independence from the monopolies of the digital advertising industry. Our solutions are developed and hosted in-house and therefore offer our customers the greatest freedom and security.

Numerous cases demonstrate the success and great trust of our customers in our technology.

You can find cases for Converto Dynamics here:

Want to know more about dynamic advertising? Here you will find all information about our Converto DYNAMICS solution. If you have any questions, email us at or call us on +41 43 255 20 10.


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