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Cookieless campaigns with information about the current situation of the users.

In the context of cookieless targeting, the use of the user's situation information enables the personalized delivery of advertising based on current circumstances or events.

Information such as time of day, weather, location or device type is taken into account in order to place relevant ads. 

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Information about the current circumstances and information about users

Personalized user data, without inference to personal data, enables a very specific and relevant addressing of the users. At the same time, advertisers determine the conditions under which users should be addressed with advertising.

  • location data

  • weather data

  • traffic data

  • Air quality data

  • Local Events

Good to know: Converto has developed situation targeting in such a way that incredibly precise user addresses are now possible without using personal data and thus endangering privacy.

This approach enables targeted addressing by allowing advertisers to adapt their messages to the respective situation and thus increase the relevance and effectiveness of the advertising without having to rely on cookies.

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Get it contact with us.

Cookieless targeting campaigns are easy to implement. Get in touch with us and we will take care of a suitable solution for your goals, wishes and possibilities.


Application examples and inspiration for cookieless targeting based on statistical data:

Location-based advertising: A restaurant uses location data to display personalized offers and discounts to nearby users to encourage them to visit.

Weather-based advertising: An outdoor equipment store places ads for umbrellas and rain jackets when rainy weather is forecast.

Traffic data-based advertising: A cab company can run advertisements for their services during periods of high traffic or public traffic disruptions.

Air quality-based advertising: A pharmacy, or an antihistamine manufacturer, advertises house cold remedies in regions with currently high pollution. A company that sells air purifiers or respirators places ads in regions with poor air quality.

Local events: A concert promoter advertises tickets for an upcoming concert in the city where the user is currently located.

Time-of-day-based advertising: A café displays ads for breakfast specials in the morning and ads for specialty coffees in the afternoon.

Device type-based advertising: An app developer promotes a mobile application for iOS devices only to users with iPhones and not to Android users.

Latest trends: A fashion store displays ads for the latest fashion trends based on current developments in the fashion industry.

Sporting events: A sporting goods manufacturer places advertisements for specific products related to an ongoing sporting event, e.g. soccer shoes during a soccer championship.

By using information about the current situation of the users, advertisers can adapt their messages in a targeted manner and increase the relevance of the advertising. This enables the target group to be addressed more effectively and improves the user experience without relying on cookies. It is important to respect user privacy and only show relevant and non-invasive ads.

Here you will find articles on the topic "Cookieless".

If you are interested in the topic, then get in touch with us! We are working intensively on the further development of relevant advertising without being dependent on the cookie and thus on invasive tracking technologies. Our solutions perform successfully and achieve the best results!

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