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3rd party data free branding campaigns in one solution. Read here how this is possible.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Free yourself from privacy worries and finally realize fully integrated and automated cookieless branding campaigns! Discover here how it works!

In our one-stop-shop solution, the AI system continuously optimizes your campaign based on reach, brand safety, and visibility and dynamically changes messages in the advertising media.

To ensure that this runs smoothly, even without personal 3rd party data, Converto's AI uses statistical data for modelling, crawls and analyzes sites for context, selects appropriate placements and incorporates situational user data into the algorithm.

This way, your communication reaches the users for whom your message is relevant without relying on personal data from 3rd party cookies.

The technical core is Converto's multi-directional feed-based advertising solution that does not require 3rd party cookies:

We process data feeds from the web, such as geo-information, weather, pollen and statistical persona data and do contextual analysis. Then, through appropriate modelling, Converto's Cookieless Branding reacts in real-time to changes in current user behaviour and user environment, whether related to placement, environment or advertising pressure.

At the same time, this impulse initiates an optimization of the advertising content. This means the content is also optimized in the other direction, namely towards the user, and the message is adapted to the current situation. Combining these substantial factors makes your message more relevant than average for the user in the present moment.

Learn more about it via this link or directly from our team.

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