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Cookieless campaigns using browser data as the basis for interest and technical targeting.

In the context of cookieless targeting, the use of online context targeting at the browser level enables the delivery of personalized advertising based on the behavior and preferences of users within the browser, without the use of cookies.

Information such as websites visited, search queries or clicks within the browser are analyzed in order to place relevant ads. 

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The benefit of placements on relevant content:

This targeting allows advertisers to target their ads to users who display a specific behavior or interest.

  • language settings

  • device settings

  • browsing history

  • Installed software

  • Interests

Good to Know: Converto's integrative technology connects data streams into powerful marketing tools without compromising privacy.

Cookieless targeting at the browser level respects the privacy of users, since no personal data is stored, only behavior within the browser is used to serve ads. 

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Get it contact with us.

Cookieless targeting campaigns are easy to implement. Get in touch with us and we will take care of a suitable solution for your goals, wishes and possibilities.


Application examples and inspiration for cookieless targeting based on Browser information:

Display advertising campaigns: 1. use browser data, such as websites visited, to identify user interests and preferences and deliver relevant ads. 2. deliver personalized ads based on the user's location, determined by the browser's IP address.

Email marketing campaigns: 1. leveraging browser data to identify the user's preferred content and create targeted email offers. 2. tailor email marketing campaigns to the user's screen resolution or device to ensure optimal viewing.

Video advertising campaigns: 1. Based on browser data documenting video viewing behavior, create personalized video ads that match the user's interests. 2. Adapt the video ad to the technical capabilities of the browser to ensure smooth playback.

Dynamic ads: 1. use browser data and settings to create dynamic ads that are tailored to the user in real time. 2. use browser data to create a personalized landing page with content based on the user's previous interactions.

Browser preferences: 1. taking into account browser settings, such as language settings, to display ad content in the user's preferred language. 2. deliver ads in a format optimized for the user's browser to minimize load times and improve user experience.

These examples illustrate how privacy is important when using browser data and settings for advertising campaigns. It is crucial for us to ensure that all data is collected lawfully and transparently, and that user privacy is respected. Consent and opt-out options are important aspects in order to protect the rights and preferences of users.

Here you will find articles on the topic "Cookieless".

If you are interested in the topic, then get in touch with us! We are working intensively on the further development of relevant advertising without being dependent on the cookie and thus on invasive tracking technologies. Our solutions perform successfully and achieve the best results!

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