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Cookieless campaigns with the advertiser's CRM data. 

Cookieless targeting enables advertisers to use 1st party CRM data to deliver personalized advertising without relying on cookies.

Advertisers can use existing customer data such as email addresses, purchasing behavior or preferences to deliver targeted ads. 

Data Processing
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The benefit of your data

Reach profiles that are maintained in your CRM with targeted display campaigns and increase the relevance of the address with information from the current touchpoint, such as: 

  • the current buying process

  • ​the history or status of the shopping cart

  • Newsletter subscriptions

  • Chat login

  • support information

  • or feedback from phone calls

  • Use data from your CDP (Customer Data Platform)

Good to know: The Converto team will help you evaluate the extent to which you can make your data usable!

By leveraging 1st party CRM data, advertisers can more accurately target their audiences and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns while maintaining user privacy.​

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Get it contact with us.

Cookieless targeting campaigns are easy to implement. Get in touch with us and we will take care of a suitable solution for your goals, wishes and possibilities.

Application examples and inspiration for cookieless targeting based onAdvertiser CRM DATA:

Targeted display campaigns: Advertisers can deliver personalized display ads to their existing customers by leveraging CRM data such as email addresses. For example, if a customer has already purchased a product, they can receive relevant ads for complementary products or accessories.

Display of the current purchase process: Based on purchase behavior and shopping cart history, customers can be targeted at different stages of the buying process. Advertisers can provide specific offers or reminders for incomplete purchases.

Personalized Newsletter: With 1st party CRM data, advertisers can create and target personalized newsletters to their customers. Customers receive relevant content based on their previous interactions and preferences.

Chat sign-ups and support information: Advertisers can access CRM data from chat sign-ups and support requests to serve personalized ads based on customers' concerns and needs.

Phone Feedback: With 1st party CRM data from phone calls, advertisers can create targeted ads based on customer needs and feedback.

Use of data from the Customer Data Platform (CDP): Integrating CRM data into a CDP enables a comprehensive customer view. Advertisers can bring together data from multiple sources and deliver personalized advertising based on a holistic understanding of customers.

By using 1st party CRM data, advertisers can address their target groups more specifically and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Because they use existing customer data, they are less dependent on cookies and better able to protect user privacy. This leads to improved relevance of advertising and a better user experience.

Here you will find articles on the topic "Cookieless".

If you are interested in the topic, then get in touch with us! We are working intensively on the further development of relevant advertising without being dependent on the cookie and thus on invasive tracking technologies. Our solutions perform successfully and achieve the best results!

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