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Incredible advantages that you will benefit from immediately.

Verwenden von digitalen Gadgets

Huge benefits. More emotions. More engagement. More insights about potential customers.

More engagement

AR offers customers an interactive experience that keeps them engaged longer and more intensely, resulting in higher engagement. By interacting with virtual content, customers can interact with the brand in a personal and more sustainable way.

Higher attention

AR technology stands out and grabs the attention of the target audience, which in turn leads to higher awareness of the brand. AR-based advertising can be more exciting and entertaining than usual advertising media. This can help customers engage with the brand longer and more deeply.

Better user experience

AR enables customers to experience products in a realistic way. Products can be viewed and tried out from different angles before a purchase decision is made. This not only strengthens trust in the brand, but also generates a better user experience.

Noticeable competitive advantage

Using innovative and advanced technology in advertising can give businesses a competitive edge. Companies can stand out from the competition and attract customers looking for new and exciting product experiences.


Morphological and emotional analysis of the user persona.


  • Which hair colour of the user personas changed the most?

  • What was the level of attention of my users during the experience?

  • What were the reactions of the users during the experience?

Weiße Würfel

Learn more about the activation possibilities of AR at Converto.

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