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Incredible activation possibilities.
Convince yourself of the InAd activations.

Give your customers an experience.


3D Ads

Products are displayed in three dimensions and can be individually configured by users, for example the color and pattern of sports shoes.


Try On Ads

Why not try on the shown sunglasses directly? This is possible within the advertising banner, users do not have to leave the page.


360º Ads

Users can experience the interior of a car or a hotel room through a virtual tour.


Gamification Ads

Here, too, users can use face filters in the advertising banner themselves, for example.

Also new:

Novel tracking

Get to know your consumers in a whole new way:

Which color do you like best?

When trying on products around the face, you use our software to analyze the emotional moment of the try-on customer. Emotional heat map!

Be amazed at the dwell times that are second to none!

Learn more about the benefits of AR. 

Use these awesome 
activation options.

Weiße Würfel

Discover how AR redefines the communication experience!

AR is already being used by companies today.

Virtual try on
Allow your customers to try on clothes virtually. With CONVERTO Augmented, they can use their smartphone or tablet to see the garments on their own body and experience directly whether they fit and whether they like them.

That arouses emotions!
Interactive product catalogues
Present your products in a new and engaging way. Instead of just showing images or videos, customers can view your products in 3D, from different angles, and interact with them to learn more about them.
AR display advertising
Businesses can integrate AR into display advertising to engage customers in an interactive way. When customers point their smartphones or tablets at the ad, they can see virtual objects on the screen that interact with the ad. 
Virtual in-store displays
Some retailers are using AR to create virtual displays in their stores. Customers can use their smartphone or tablet to see virtual displays and get more information about the products. 
AR games
Businesses can use AR to create interactive games tailored to their products or services. Customers can use their smartphone or tablet to play the game and learn more about the brand along the way. 
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