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your [f-word] problem?



  • Do you want your brand or communication to be remembered?

  • Potential customers should understand what your company stands for?

  • You want your products, services or offers to be highly considered in the decision-making process?



  • Your website, online shop, catalogue or platform need higher access rates and visitor numbers?

  • Do you aim for more traffic on your landing page?

  • Should there be more interaction and engagement with your offer?



  • Do you focus on increasing sales and achieving conversions and leads?

  • Do you want to sell your products online?

  • Your goal is to animate people:

  • Book your services,

  • sign up for newsletters

  • register for demos, consultations or webinars

Run campaigns that are geared towards your goal.

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"Our products and their components ranging from technology, media and innovation are seamlessly interwoven. At the same time, they are modular and built with interfaces for the links with your solutions.  This is how we achieve the maximum effect for your campaigns. "


Feed Based Advertising can use all connected data streams to design, place and optimize your advertising and campaigns.

Whether your goods and shop data, brand messages, service catalogue data or external data such as user location, weather, environmental information - every released data flow is processed by Converto's Feed Master Engine and used as a display banner, video advertisement, digital out-of-home placement or cross-media advertising material played out on the right advertising media.

Logo CrossMedia

With Converto's CrossMedia, you are quickly playing in a different league. Here we network the digital, virtual and real-world with one another.

The same data streams and the same technology as feed-based advertising form the basis, but the networking of the data leads to output based on the touchpoints with the user. Everything is networked and dynamic, from the first advertising impression to the physical gift card in the recipient's hands.

Logo Performance Reach

With Performance Reach™, you can reach users nationally and internationally directly with your advertising material on endless platforms and websites. Internationally GDPR compliant! Your advertising message is not passed on from one media provider to the next advertising aggregator or network!
Your communication goes straight to the websites without detour—strong, real and relevant reach. Performance Reach means that the advertising material you have already created will be placed in no time in high-quality environments with a large reach.


Choose, create and combine individual placements, products and bookings from Converto's media channels that best support the achievement of your campaign's goals.

Display Werbung


With an endless amount of curated websites, in a managed portfolio, direct technical access to inventory and booking position, all IAB and selected special formats, your communication has a phenomenal reach.

Video Werbung


Converto delivers your audio-visual brand and product messages on exclusive inventory as InPage and InRead video placements at attractive conditions with fantastic reach.

Digital Out Of Home


Digital "poster" advertising. Whether as a static display, animated communication or video, Converto serves thousands of screens a day at countless locations such as petrol stations, public transport and more. Only in Switzerland, your messages receives millions of people every day in individual cities.

email Marketing


For personalized email marketing with qualitative reach:
Millions of real email addresses are activated for your campaigns, compared with verified databases, and, if desired, with your CRM, data protection laws are treated accordingly and integrated into your communication.

Brief und Postkarten Werbung


Converto extends your campaigns cross-media into the physical world. With over 2 million shipping addresses for addressed communication, the system generates qualitative coverage. Aligned with your digital campaign and CRM, you extend your communication with potential customers at home. 

Converto's Media integrations and inventory offer you a unique opportunity to run stringent campaigns across multiple digital and analogue channels. Implement cleverly combined, real cross-media campaigns.



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Grid20 Modul

With GRID20, you switch your communication to where your potential customers are right now. Whether DTI, DSP, Dynamic Ads, CRM, CloudData - everything flows together in GRID20 and connects the user with your message.

  • GRID20 by Converto meets the three major challenges facing the digital advertising industry:
    DSGVO restrictions | cookie rejection | heavy fragmentation


  • Grid20, the state-of-the-art digital advertising delivery system from CONVERTO, meets these challenges and overcomes the limitations:

  • Grid20 uses a hybrid and dynamic delivery approach based on a combination of DTI and DSP traffic. The system is able to deal with the conditions and limitations and to eliminate them wherever possible.


Intelligent technology, huge reach, individual implementation, cleverly combinable and unbeatably effective.
Convertos advertising systems at a glance.




Targeting und Technologie


Feed Master Engine™

Converto's Feed Master Engine™ (FME) is the innovative marketing software that enables feed-based Advertising™ campaigns. All you have to do is connect your online catalogue, shop, database or Excel file, and the software will create high-quality advertising communication from your offer.
More about Feed Master Engine™

Direct Tag Integration™

With Direct Tag Integration (DTI), Converto guarantees attractive placements, high-quality traffic and a secure advertising environment. Your advertising is placed directly without intermediaries.

More about Direct Tag Integration™

Targeting Beyond Cookies

Thanks to "Targeting beyond Cookie" based on verified national data on GDPR compliant basis, technological integrations and intelligent networking of various data pools, your advertising reaches the ideal target audience.

More ab Targeting Beyond Cookies

Situation Targeting™

Whether pollen count, weather conditions, traffic jam reports - in certain situations people should find out about your product, offer or brand because what you offer is tailor-made for the current event of this person. Make yourself noticeable when it "burns".

More about Situation Targeting™

Live Video Rendering

Videos with flexible content are a solid tool for increasing efficiency in the context of advertising. Attention-grabbing videos for InPage and Instream placements are rendered from your offers, products and services, CDCI data and if desired, other dynamic information.

Live video rendering processes your content in real-time so that you benefit from the latest video advertising without additional production costs. The video adapts continuously and dynamically.

More about Live Video Rendering™