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Finde Inspiration für Deine Dynamic Ad Kampagnen

Showcase 2: McFit

In a follow-up campaign, McFit is again promoting its Germany-wide studios and discounted registration fees with the help of situation targeting.

Dynamic Situation Ads

Showcase: BMG

Political communication has the strongest appeal when it strikes a local chord. This is particularly effective when it can respond to headwinds as...

Dynamic Political Ads

Showcase: Brack

Brack relies on Converto's intelligent and dynamic remarketing solution with Product Retargeting Ads.

Product Retargeting Ads

Showcase: McFit

McFit advertises a portfolio of almost 200 studios in Germany, individually for each user...

Dynamic Situation Ads

Showcase: atupri

For the launch of its new insurance product SmartCare, Atupri adapts the content of the ads dynamically and in real-time based on the user profile.

Dynamic Persona Ads

Showcase: "Ja zum Filmgesetz"

In order to draw attention to the upcoming vote in favor of the film law, the "Yes to the film law" committee is using dynamic statistical ads throughout Switzerland.

Dynamic Situation Ads

Showcase: BMW Mini

The ads designed by the client and its agency are dynamically supplemented with the ideal location details of a BMW MINI dealer nearby.

Dynamic Retail Ads

Showcase: Jumbo

The Swiss DIY store Jumbo places dynamic ads in a 5km radius around its stores through Digital Out Of Home (DOOH).

Dynamic DOOH

Showcase: Ottos

Otto's advertises current promotions, top-sellers and new products through Converto’s dynamic ads.

Product Prospecting Ads

Showcase: AD.M Fashion

The summer sale of the Swiss Polo brand AD.M is promoted together with Converto in a combined Feed-Based-Advertising & Crossmedia campaign.

Dynamic Retail Ads

Showcase: Bauhaus

Bauhaus successfully uses the effectiveness of InStream video advertising and the 100% automated creation of video messages in real-time using ...

Dynamic Video Ads

Showcase: KeForma

To make its high-quality sports products better known and attract attention in German-speaking Switzerland, KeForma uses Dynamic Ads for high relevancy.

Product Prospecting Ads

Showcase: PKZ

PKZ presents their latest "Fashion Profit Days" offers for spring using Converto's Dynamic Ads.

Product Prospecting Ads

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