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You can use topics that are relevant to your target group.

Cookieless topic targeting by Converto  works without 3rd party cookie data, because Converto's AI takes over the control of topic-specific environments per user and format. 

Users change their surfing preferences based on need, inspiration or local and global news. Some of these topics are strongly linked to the preferences of your target group. Activate these topics specifically, individually or in combination with other targetings to increase the relevance of your communication for users.

Without 3rd party data. Topic targeting. Convert with Converto.
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Your advantages:
  • No previous knowledge necessary

  • Individual advice

  • Tailored campaign

  • Very specific placements

  • Only your data for your campaign

  • Data protection compliant from the first second

  • Can be combined with other targetings

  • Can be combined with dynamic ads

  • Tracking through your systems possible

  • Success-Based Billing

  • Relevant traffic on your online presence

Would you like personal advice?
Free from data protection worries. Other targeting solutions.

1st party retargeting

Re-targeting without the use of 3rd party cookies. Efficiently and effectively bring users back to your site.

Predictive keyword targeting

Use trending and relevant keywords for contextual symmantic placement. 

Situation targeting

The situation of the individual user decides on the display of your ad.

statistical targeting

Exclusive BFS data use for high-precision addressing of your target group.

Topic targeting

All-Time Favorite - target your ads to topical content that interests your target audience.

Cookieless branding

The complete solution for a data protection worry-free branding campaign!

Don't wait any longer - inform yourself about your options.
No matter what you decide. Always there:
Whitelisting, brand safety, visibility and strong formats. Guarantees for your success.

Your ads will only be shown in the most relevant and/or high-reach environments:
Premium reach environments and context-related and/or in premium verticals such as automotive, fashion, beauty, finance, sports, etc... .


Large formats with as video, HTML5, images


Your campaign gets a visibility guarantee of more than 80%.

Here you will find articles on the topic "Cookieless".

If you are interested in the topic, then get in touch with us! We are working intensively on the further development of relevant advertising without being dependent on the cookie and thus on invasive tracking technologies. Our solutions perform successfully and achieve the best results!