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Snippet Reoffering




With the following checklist, your Display ads are ready to be promoted through Converto's Grid20 Solution. Please follow the guidelines accordingly. Unfortunately, Converto's Team can not make any adjustments to the Design or correct any misprogramming in the technical implementations. Please mind the Guidelines.

The following guide describes the actions that the advertiser will have to carry out in order to activate Converto’s Re-Offering feature. The Converto staff will provide two javascript-snippets that must be inserted in two different points of the ecommerce website, respectively:

  • - Detail Product Snippet: which will be used within the product detail page

  • - Checkout Snippet: Snippet to insert on the checkout page (aka “thank for your order” page) Please note: the snippets are provided by Converto staff. The screenshots below, are just an example, not a working code.

Detail Product Snippet

  • Copy / paste the snippet on the body on the product detail page

  • You only need to change the string "PRODUCT_CODE" with the corresponding one.

  • The product code must be the same that uniquely identifies the product inside the feed.

  • All the other variables that appear in the example above, will be automatically valued with the correct value.

Checkout Snippet

  • Copy / paste the snippet on the checkout page.

  • The snippet only needs the list of the products just purchased (in the screenshot, see the array "productImportCodes"). This list can be passed for example as a parameter of the url between two pages.

  • There are no other fields that need to be set.


  • The snippet can be inserted anywhere, but inside the <body> tag

  • - The product codes to be included in the snippets does not work if it contains the following characters.

    • - A separator character like the following: ()<>@,;:\"/[]?={}~

    • - non-ASCII characters

    • - white space

    • - Control characters (\x00 to \x1F and \x7F)

  • - Checkout snippet uses jquery. If you web page already use it and you see some anomalies, comment the following line from the snippet: <script src=""></script>

  • - The web page must not contain any javascript elements that can inhibit calls made by snippets.

  • - We recommend not applying massive changes to e-commerce website until the correct functioning of the snippets have been verified.

Send Files and Information to:

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