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Smart Theme Graphics


Graphic Elements in Smart Themes - Specs and Information


With the following checklist, your Display ads are ready to be promoted through Converto's Grid20 Solution. Please follow the guidelines accordingly. Unfortunately, Converto's Team can not make any adjustments to the Design or correct any misprogramming in the technical implementations. Please mind the Guidelines.

Smart Themes

Smart Themes are the intelligent templates that enable advertisers to promote products and offers on a publisher website. This short guide explains the graphic specifications of Smart Themes for advertisers that prefer to develop the graphics of the Smart Themes in-house or with their own agency. The produced output will be sent in form of a vector file to the Converto tech-team that is responsible for the programming of the Smart Theme in the Converto Feed Master Engine.

Important: the graphics must be very precise (on a single pixel level), since they we’ll be programmed exactly as they are delivered.

Possible dynamic components of the Smart Theme

The following elements can be inserted in the Smart Theme as a standard. Advertisers can feel free to make a proposal of additional elements that are not listed below.

  • Product image (from feed)

  • Product name (from feed)

  • Product description (from feed)

  • Product new (current) price (from feed)

  • Product old price (from feed)

  • Brand logo (from feed)

  • %-Action (from feed)

  • Marketing text (editing from the Feed Master Engine possible)

  • Logo (static)

  • Call to action (static)

Available formats

The advertiser should provide Converto with one graphic for each of the following formats.

  • 300x250

  • 728x90

  • 160x600

  • 300x600

  • 970x250

Please note that the content of the dynamic elements is the same for all formats. Advertisers can eventually decide to leave out some of the elements for smaller formats.

Custom formats available on demand.

Important remarks

Please consider the following points when creating the graphics of the Smart Theme:

  • The content of dynamic elements is the same for all formats.

  • The position of the selected elements inside a Smart Theme is the same for a specific format.

  • Please specify the lengths of all text fields (incl. empty spaces) such as product name, and marketing text. Usually the length is between 40 and 60 characters incl. spaces. Reproduce the case in which the text has the maximum number of characters defined

  • Please specify the format of the price. For example:

  • “xx,xx” or “xx.xx” o x’xxx or xxxx

  • xx.- or xx.00

  • etc.

  • Please us a concrete information (e.g. product image) from the real advertiser’s feed as example for the production graphics

  • If the theme has to manage the old price and the relative% -Action discount, please insert them in the graphics

  • The produced final graphics need to be delivered as a vector file. Usually project files are transmitted in one of the following formats: illustrator (ai), indesign (idml), photoshop (psd). The project file contains all the formats.

  • Each format has a border on all sides with a minimum thickness of 1px. The edge occupies the area of the resolution of the format.

For any question please contact:

Converto: / +41 43 255 20 10

Send Files and Information to:

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