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Converto's situation targeting is the logical consequence of feed-based advertising.

External data streams provide our system with information. This 24/7 and in real time. The match between user access and the rules of the advertisers is crucial.

Converto's situation targeting system is continuously connected to data streams of all kinds and compares information with advertiser rules. Unlike Dynamic Ads Optimization (DCO) , this information comes from external data sources to determine the current "situation" of the surfing user.

So the rule could be like this: Show the ad only if the user who is surfing right now meets the following conditions: Simple example of a situation targeting rule: Weather= sunny, 25-30˚+ pollen load=moderate, strong

Combine different rules, or define ones that enforce an exclusion.


Below you will find a selection of data that we process continuously:

  • weather

  • pollen and allergens

  • air pollution and smog

  • Traffic jams and special traffic information

  • market values

  • sports scores

  • Local and regional events

  • Music Charts

  • and much more... ​

The situation in which users are now is the touchpoint with your ad!

With Convertos SituationTargeting, the situation (e.g. weather) at the user's location is automatically checked and the appropriate content is shown based on this.


This increases the efficiency of your campaign!

  • No manual switching on/off!

  • No countless individual campaigns!

  • No «placeholder campaigns»!

and your campaign will be more effective:

  • because it reaches users when it is relevant to them!

What could your rule look like in which users should be addressed with your advertising?​ Let us know:

Only show my advertising material if:

What weather?
At what temperature?
Pollen count
Traffic volume
SMI (other exchanges possible) at close market
Special local events
Cantonal Region
Thanks very much!
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