Converto's "Re-Offering" supplements product-based targeting with plannable contact dose and insights from the purchase decision-making process 

Does the scenario sound familiar to you? Have you ever been followed by advertising? Was your experience positive?
Image by Arturo Rey

You've looked at a product on the Internet and it doesn't matter whether you want it or not, whether you're really interested in it or whether you've just gathered information. From that moment on, the product follows you no matter where you surf. For weeks.

In other words, you are that advertiser and you are beginning to realize that you are no longer in control of your re-marketing campaign. 

Image by Zarak Khan
Converto Re-Offering (CRO) is consumer-centric.

Product based retargeting has been around for more than 10 years.
The solutions are specific and extremely precise, but:
Plannable contact dose and product-specific purchase
Decision-making processes are often not implemented as an elementary factor.

With Converto's Consumer Centric Re-Offering that's changing!

You easily achieve that: 

  • Your target group is reminded of your products to a reasonable extent.

  • You will be remembered positively by your target group.

  • You win customers who feel taken seriously from the first contact.

  • Your customers recommend you to others.

  • Your target group feels understood.


Product-specific delay times, i.e. the time between action and reaction, are automatically integrated into the communication. The customer journey is thus mapped, the advertising campaigns more efficiently and generated leads are taken into account.

Here are your benefits of Consumer Centric Re-Offering with Converto

Unbeatable USPs

  • Transparent delivery:
    You always know where your ad will be delivered.


  • Insights delivery:
    You can see which products have been advertised and how much they have been interacted with.


  • Design: 
    We guarantee a 1:1 takeover and implementation of your graphic appearance/branding (CD/CI).


  • Product level frequency control:
    You decide how often and how long the same product should be displayed to a customer.

You are in control!
In other words, you make the rules. 
  • The Consumer Centric Platform is constantly being updated. This is where new insights, learnings and inputs are recorded. The platform is always up to date.

  • The Converto functionalities are intuitive and grow with your needs.

  • After a max. one-hour introduction, you serve  the platform intuitive.

  • Support and advice are there for you!

  • No matter how big your budget is!