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TopCC successfully wins new customers with Converto's cross-media solution.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

With the goal of gaining 5,000 new customers and generating card applications, TopCC relies on Converto's cross-media solution and accompanies the users in this B2C campaign from the first online advertising contact, via personalised email and post communication, to the visit and purchase in a TopCC store.

The campaign generated 6'200 new customers, 25% more than expected, thousands of addresses for future communication and attention for the market opening also for private individuals.

TopCC will open its stores to private individuals at the end of 2021 and will communicate this change in strategy via interlinked channels that lead users in a targeted manner via the various media and turn them into new customers via a feedback channel.

The sequential playout of video, display, email and post messages was linked in such a way that people with contact to the online advertising media, which were placed in a user-specific re-marketing series, received personalised communication from TopCC as email and post without having to enter any further personal data.

Data protection through intelligent queries

To realise such a campaign, TopCC relies on Converto's cross-media solution. The technical cross-media solution allows all freely accessible user data to be compared with a database of commercially usable Swiss addresses so quickly that the software decides in real time whether or not the person in question will receive a personalised communication (email or postal mail). The persons in the Swiss database have given the opt-in for this commercial data use.

Intelligent sequencing leads to success

The campaign faces two challenges and is therefore divided into two interlinked phases. In the launch sequence, TopCC communicated the change in strategy of opening up the market to private individuals in addition to existing professional clients via a sequenced and attention-grabbing video and display series. The online contacts took place in the vicinity of the TopCC markets (except Kriens).

Already here, people with advertising media contact and high affinity are contacted by the cross-media solution via personalised email and provided with information, location-based invitation and a shopping card application.

To ensure that existing customers were not addressed with irrelevant communication in this first phase and to avoid wastage, Converto's cross-media technology excluded them in advance from all advertising and direct marketing communication.

In the second phase, all persons who had been reached by communication up to that point, but without converting, were contacted again personally via email or personalised letters, depending on their profile and place of residence. This final contact led to a significant increase in registrations for the TopCC shopping card and to significantly more new customers.

The success is the high conversion rate with little wastage

What is clear in this campaign is that the pairing of awareness and lead-oriented communication with the use of smart technology is successfully possible. TopCC provided the indispensable building blocks through visual, content and topic-specific communication that was absolutely aligned with both goals, and Converto's cross-media solution and reach provided the intelligent networking.


TopCC AG, Schlachthofstrasse 12, 9015 St. Gallen

Dominic Möckli, Managing Director TopCC AG;

Luzia Bühler, Head of Customer Service/CRM;

Lukas Haltmeier, Online Marketing Manager;

Video: Timo Wäschle, Inhaber & Geschäftsführer CORPMEDIA AG


Converto AG

Matteo Schuerch CEO & Founder Converto AG;

Paul Röhrig, Head of Media & Partner Management

Press Contact: Andy Bartneck, Head of Innovation & Marketing

Seq. 1 / Video Ad #1 - Aufmerksamkeit erzeugen:

Seq. 2 / Video Ad #2 - Weitere Informationen geben und inspirieren: - Vielen Dank für die Veröffentlichung:

With Converto's cross-media solution


  • Personalised re-marketing from online to email and postal mailing

  • Direct access to high reach in quality environments

  • Use of the full targeting possibilities (signals such as weather, news, etc, geo-data, demographic data, affinities, etc.)

  • User identification on view, impression, click, site visit, lead and no-lead basis

  • Database matching for existing customers inclusion or exclusion

  • Address database activation

  • Automated, personalised email, postal and sampling distribution

  • Our solution has been tried and tested in all facets for various industries from automotive, to food and non-food, electronics, financial services and retail.

So do your thing cross-media.

We'll do it for you!

Contact us by email: or anyone in our team.

or call us at: +41432552010


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