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New advertising solution: Converto Augmented

Converto AG (r)evolutionizes the advertising market with groundbreaking augmented reality branding and advertising solution for the DACH region.

Converto AG, the independent Swiss advertising company known for its innovation in advertising solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Converto Augmented after five years of research.

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The revolutionary solution opens up a completely new dimension for brand awareness campaigns and advertising, because the augmented reality (AR)-based communication not only catches the eye, but also motivates interaction.

The highlights of this groundbreaking solution include a unique projection experience that captivates the user and takes the customer experience to a new level. Thanks to innovative face and body part recognition, you can experience AR advertising up close on your own body and even become part of augmented reality.

In this way, clothing, glasses, etc. can be tried on virtually directly in the advertising material. In addition, products can be displayed almost tangibly in 3D and 360 degrees. Augmented reality gamification in the advertising material also enables brands to interact with users in a new way. Best of all, no VR glasses are required for this extraordinary experience - just a finger, a mouse or gesture and motion control.

«Our AR advertising solution ensures an absolute wow experience. With this solution, Converto has managed to overcome one of the major stumbling blocks in our industry, namely banner blindness. » enthuses Converto's Head of Marketing and Innovation, Andy Bartneck.

PKZ, the Swiss omnichannel fashion provider, is also enthusiastic: «With the Converto AR solution, we can present the high quality of our fashion and its details in a fascinating virtual reality. A must-have experience for fashion lovers!», says Anke Leupold from PKZ.

In addition to the positive influence on the perception of advertising, Converto Augmented offers another groundbreaking advantage for brands and agencies. With Converto Augmented you can understand and report the emotional reaction to the advertisement. The facial movement data is captured by the smartphone cameras and interpreted with artificial intelligence.

The ability to understand, for the first time, the emotional response to advertising opens new doors for brand and advertising campaign development," says Kim Engels, CEO of Converto.

Converto offers a free feasibility analysis as well as a detailed evaluation of the implementation to ensure that even extensive advertising campaigns can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

This almost three-dimensional press release is aimed at marketing strategists, marketing and media consultants, advertising professionals, communication planners as well as CEOs and marketing decision-makers in companies.

For more exciting information, please visit Converto AG's website or contact the company directly: | +41 786 089 965


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