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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dear customers, partners and associations.

If we look back at the year 2021 as a whole, we become aware of the multi-faceted economic, political, social and interpersonal challenges we all faced. A great complexity of interdependencies, opportunities and challenges that had an impact on productivity and operational success.

At the same time, we encountered an overwhelming commitment in the communications industry to identify potentials to increase events again and to deal creatively with the realities. Advanced trainings, online talks, snack events and the stage events have been made possible again.

To all the teams, companies, clients, partners, networkers and associations that have shown the strength and confidence to revitalize our industry, we owe extraordinary thanks for this inspiration.

Thank you for inviting us to actively contribute at training sessions, guest posts and as sponsors.

We also thank our team at Converto for a successful year!

As we move into 2022 and close out 2021, we wish you well.

Enjoy your festive season.

Stay healthy!

Matteo Schuerch

CEO, Converto AG


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