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Jumbo books clever Feed Based VIDEO campaign with weather targeting

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Under the slogan: "Coole Angebote für heisse Tage" which translates to "Cool offers for hot days", Jumbo promotes selected summer articles with a Feed Based Video campaign by Converto. What's special about it? The approximately 10-second spots are not only delivered online, but also on various DOOH channels in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. However, the ads will only be played if two conditions are met: First, the DOOH location is within 5 kilometres of a Jumbo branch and second, the local temperature is higher than 26°C. The aim of the campaign is to reach the customer at the right moment all year round with the appropriate products and to generate frequency on and offline through these impulses. For this purpose, local weather situations such as heat, drought, snow and frost are used as triggers.

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Weather and temperature targeting - DOOH (e.g. Fueling Station Tamoil)


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