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Dynamic Situation Ads: "Yes" - to the film law.

To draw attention to the forthcoming vote on the film law, the "Yes to the Film Law" committee is using dynamic statistical displays throughout Switzerland.

The communications agency Feinheit designed the voting campaign for May 15, 2022 for the non-partisan "Yes to the Film Law" committee. They also used the Dynamic Ads solution from Converto.

Converto's Dynamic Ads technology recognizes the geographical origin of the users and, in addition to the key visual with the campaign slogan, automatically shows them the campaign testimonials from relevant politicians from their region. This greatly increases the impact of communication.

Thanks to a connection to data from the Federal Statistical Office, Converto's technology also identifies geographic areas with a high proportion of voters for the desired parties. The campaign was then aimed at these regions and the affine websites were activated for this user group.



Committee: "Yes" - to the film law.


Fineness AG


Yes" - to the film law




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