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Denner: Online user recognized, personal voucher sent by post and new customers in stores.

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Converto's CrossMedia technology cleverly used:

Denner recognizes advertised viewers of the video campaign, synchronizes the users with address databases and sends personal and attractive discount vouchers by post fully automatically and without additional effort.

Goal of the campaign

The aim of the CrossMedia campaign was to increase awareness of the quality of the fresh range among household managers in the geographical area surrounding Denner stores and to create a discount-based incentive to visit a Denner stores with the postcards sent.

Tactically, the "Surprisingly Fresh" campaign is characterized by two components:

1. Through the creative, unique and humorous implementation of the message

2. through the implementation of cross-media communication through online video, clear targeting and real offline re-targeting.

The national CrossMedia campaign in detail

Dialogue level 1: attracting attention

The first part of the national cross-channel campaign opens the dialogue and attracts attention with a 30-second pre-roll video.

The aim in the first phase was to create a solid database with as many viewers as possible within the target group, household managers, m + w 20-45 and within 5 km of a Denner store.

The VTR and CTR were optimized in order to have a high level of brand interaction as a basis.

VTR: 68% and CTR of 2.38%

The very good view-through rate of 68% and the high CTR of 2.38% show that target group targeting worked very well.

Far above average results for the KPIs in the F-CH:

VTR: 81% and CTR of 5.56%.

DENNER Original-Spot 30" "Überraschend Frisch" - Deutsch

221,972 addresses

In dialogue level 1, almost a quarter of a million addresses were recognized, of which 168,699 addresses come from the vicinity of the stores.

That gives an exceptionally high

Matching-Rate of 49%, within postal Addresses

(approx. 63% higher than the benchmark).

Dialogue stage 2: move to action (1: 1 re-marketing):

In the second part of the national CrossMedia campaign, DENNER initiated an online to offline 1: 1 re-marketing (re-targeting) measure in which viewers who viewed the entire advertising video in the first phase were fully automated and without additional expenditure for DENNER discount vouchers when A6 postcards were printed and sent!

  • The achieved view-through rate resulted in a solid data basis for the matching

  • the matched addresses could also be segmented using descriptive features and optimized comprehensively.

  • Potential new customers were reached and encouraged to come to the branches.

User comparison, database comparison, address extraction, postcard dispatch - fully automated and without additional effort.

Even with the usual discounts, such as the 10% communicated here, which explicitly applied to fresh fruit and vegetables, the strong effect of cross-media campaigns at Converto becomes clear with a conversion rate of almost 2% (3.5x higher than the benchmark).

DENNER postcards (sample) "Surprisingly Fresh" - German, French and Italian


Attention phase

- 900,000 completed video views

- up to 80% view through rate

- up to 5.7% CTR

Activation phase

- 225,000 recognized postal addresses

- 49% matching rate

- 23,000 postcards sent

- 500 redeemed vouchers


For new customer mailings by post, the benchmark is 0.5% for the conversion rate. With this campaign, Denner achieved a 3.5x higher conversion rate of 1.8%.

Screenshot - DENNER (online Video) "Überraschend Frisch" - Deutsch, Französisch und Italienisch


DENNER Case Video "Überraschend Frisch" - Deutsch,


Denner AG, responsible Mr. Pascal Trütsch, Deputy Head of Marketing Communication


JBW Media AG, responsible Mrs. Nina Rolle, Deputy Management / Partner


Swiss Post AG, Melanie Huber, Head of 360 ° Cross Channel Solutions


Converto AG, Oliver Trinca, Senior Sales Manager

Converto AG, Paul Röhrig, Head of Media & Partner Management


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