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Atupri's success with Converto's dynamic ads: 560 banners generated in a targeted and automated way.

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

That doesn't enchant you yet? Well, then we'll put our money where our mouth is. If you want to be relevant, like Atupri, you don't water a tulip in the garden from 10,000 meters above the ground with a fire hose. No, you stand right next to it, take a small watering can and don't waste a drop of water. It's better for everyone - from the ecological balance to the stress with the neighbours. And the tulip is happy too.

Sure, you don't want a garden story. What you want is something that will also make you successful and can be implemented quickly. And this is how it works:

  1. Let your target group inspire you! Don't be afraid to talk to each flower individually.

  2. Group your target group into different personas. Per persona, define appropriate messages, images, timings, etc.

  3. Increase the recognition value of your brand. Design a banner layout with your graphic and design agency for your communication campaign that fully corresponds to your wishes and your CD/CI.

  4. Feed the Converto engine with us. We import all the information and give our Artificial Intelligence starting instructions or, in other words, together we define the rules of the game. Who, when, where and in which form to address.

  5. The work with the engine, the management with us. Personas are selected from the target group and dynamically addressed with the right dose and the appropriate message. The content adjustment of your banners is then fully automated depending on the persona!

  6. Success counts. This is exactly what we did with Atupri, ZIP Media and Scholz & Friends and this is the reward:


AGENCY: ZipMedia, Scholz & Friends

VERTICAL: Finance & Insurance

DYNAMIC TYPE: Dynamic Persona Ads

And just imagine:


  • Atupri would have had to produce 560 banners

  • have to open a separate campaign for each persona

  • would have had to define individual budgets and timings for each campaign (persona)

  • would not have had the possibility to optimize Cross Campaign

  • have to make manual optimizations

  • not be able to adjust texts, links and media in the banners in real-time

So do your thing, dynamically.

We'll take care of it for you!

Sign up via email at: or anyone on our team.

or call us at: +41 43 255 20 10


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