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5 application examples for augmented reality in marketing

Augmented Reality – this technology has grown significantly in importance in recent years and has established itself in various industries such as gaming, e-commerce and healthcare. But does augmented reality also have relevance for online advertising? In this article, we will explore five use cases of augmented reality in marketing. We also go into the advantages of using augmented reality in advertising.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines computer graphics and virtual content, such as objects and information, with the real world. Using AR technology, users can augment and interact with their physical environment with virtual elements. This is often made possible through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that display AR content through the camera and screen.

How are companies already using AR in marketing today?

Even though AR technology is still in its infancy, it is already an important part of advertising. Companies use augmented reality in various areas, for example to improve the customer experience and generate brand awareness. In the following we would like to explain five areas of application in more detail.

  1. Virtual fittingSome retailers are using AR technology to allow customers to try on garments virtually. Customers can use their smartphone or tablet to see the garment on their own body and see if it fits and they like it.

  2. Interactive product cataloguesBusinesses can use AR to present their products in a new and interactive way. Instead of just showing images or videos of the products, customers can see the products in 3D, view them from different angles, and interact to find out more about the products.

  3. AR display advertisingBusinesses can integrate AR into display advertising to engage customers in an interactive way. When customers point their smartphones or tablets at the ad, they can see virtual objects on the screen that interact with the ad.

  4. Virtual in-store displaysSome retailers are using AR to create virtual displays in their stores. Customers can use their smartphone or tablet to see virtual displays and get more information about the products.

  5. AR gamesBusinesses can use AR to create interactive games tailored to their products or services. Customers can use their smartphone or tablet to play the game and learn more about the brand along the way.

Advantages of augmented reality in advertising

It's all just a trend - or does the use of augmented reality also bring real advantages? Let's take a look at the potential benefits.

More engagement

AR offers customers an interactive experience that keeps them engaged longer and more intensely, resulting in higher engagement. By interacting with virtual content, customers can interact with the brand in a personal and more meaningful way.

Higher attention

AR technology stands out and grabs the attention of the target audience, which in turn leads to higher awareness of the brand. AR-based advertising can be more exciting and entertaining than usual advertising media. This can help customers engage with the brand longer and more deeply.

Better user experience

AR enables customers to experience products in a realistic way. Products can be viewed and tried out from different angles before a purchase decision is made. This not only strengthens trust in the brand, but also generates a better user experience.

A noticeable competitive advantage

The use of innovative and advanced technology in advertising can give businesses a competitive edge. Businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition and attract customers looking for new and exciting product experiences.

Improved data analysis

AR technology enables companies to collect data about the use of the technology and customer behavior. Analyzing this data can help to better understand the behavior and desires of target groups. Based on this data, future marketing strategies and products can be improved.

Conclusion: Augmented Reality is here to stay

Augmented Reality is a promising tool for the (online) advertising industry. Businesses can use AR to showcase their products and services in an innovative and interactive way, driving customer engagement.

However, it is essential that augmented reality is carefully integrated into the advertising strategy and carefully implemented. This ensures that the use of AR fulfills the intended purpose and improves the brand experience for customers. Companies should also ensure that their AR technology is accessible and user-friendly for all users.

Overall, augmented reality is an exciting development for the advertising industry, enabling companies to develop innovative campaigns and engage customers in a new way.

Augmented Reality at Converto

Compared to traditional advertising measures, Converto Augmented scores with exciting and exciting advertising media that encourage users to interact. Banner blindness is no longer an issue thanks to the Convertos Augmented Reality solution.

Converto Augmented's areas of application include:

  • 3D View Ads: Three-dimensional representation of products in the display ad; Features such as color alternatives can be selected directly in the banner.

  • Try-on ads: Products can be tried on virtually within the advertising banner.

  • 360° Banner Ads: Enable virtual tours of premises - from hotel rooms to car interiors.

  • Gamification Ads: Users can interact with the content of the ad banners.

Augmented 3D advertising banner with handbag
3D view of a product from the PKZ shop.

What are the benefits of Converto Augmented for advertisers?

In addition to the benefits already mentioned above, such as brand awareness, commitment and competitive advantages over the competition, Converto Augmented offers detailed reporting.

  • Biometric and Emotional Analysis: The try-on ads and gamification ads not only provide valuable details about the user's appearance. They also provide information about the direct reaction of the users to the advertising material - an unprecedented opportunity! These new insights are valuable for the further development of your advertising strategy.

  • 3D Model Navigation Heat Map: The heat map shows which parts of the product users interact with.

Do you want to know more about Augmented Reality? Here< /u> you will find all information about our solution. If you have any questions, email us at or call us on +41 43 255 20 10.


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