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Make plans with absolute freedom that impress your customers.

Dynamic placements, integration of your deal IDs, can be paused at any time, no budget limits and more.

Converto's solution for media agencies focuses on the core business and expands the scope.

Converto offers you highly flexible media planning, target group targeting and campaigns with and without cookies, free choice of format, guaranteed visibility, server-to-server tracking, integration of agency ad server systems, dynamic advertising optimization, billing according to your modalities and so much more. 

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Media planning

As a MarTech company, we always give your campaigns that certain something. You decide what you need.


For your upcoming campaign it is important to achieve reach, contacts, visibility and the anchoring of your brand message within your target group and also in  To slide all the way to the front in the memory of your consumers' decision-making processes? Then you will find the right solutions here. With or without cookies. 


Your goals are the decisive factor for our optimization. That's why we calculate on CPX at your request and thus become part of your success. You manage and control the costs and generate your leads.

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Media channels

CONVERTO is a leader in online communication technology and thinks beyond that! That's why we give you access to a wide range of advertising options. 


Online we offer complete tag-in-tag integrations,  programmatic delivery, also taking into account your deal ids, placements on premium websites, contextual placements and playout in premium verticals.


You are interested in reaching your potential consumers directly on the TV. If you wish, your ad will run directly on your target group’s screen. We would be happy to advise you for more information.


​Personally addressable marketing from online to offline. Start your communication on online channels, identify your potential consumers and communicate your message across channels directly to these people.


You can also have your ad delivered directly via Digital Out Of Home.  Use different targetings, so that time of day, location information, weather, current location  and many more criteria enrich your ad or decide when and where it is delivered.


In our Crossmedia solution package, we combine online and offline in such an elegant way that even the content of the postal items is generated, designed and sent dynamically. Send samples, flyers, invitations, VIP sets and much more with us! 


Converto's email solution manages to filter out people from the Internet surfing process who correspond to your target group, compare them via databases, check their individual advertising opt-in and then send your dynamically generated advertising message to these people as an addressed email.

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With us, every format is a HIGH IMPACT FORMAT


All formats have a use for their given goal. That's how we see it at Converto. Branding, performance, e-commerce, the use, placement, visibility and relevance of the formats all play a role. We advise you on your campaign. In any case, you will find all IAB formats with us.

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Targeting is our specialty. 

With cookies

Here we use the full range of targeting, which also includes current personal data and can be traced back to 3rd party cookies. Of course, all other cookie settings per user are respected.

Without cookies

Targeting helps to significantly reduce wastage, thereby reducing costs and increasing the effectiveness of advertising. Without using 3rd party cookies, we therefore use a combination of situation targeting, predictive keyword targeting and statistical targeting. You can see how it works here:

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Dynamic ads

You can fully develop here. Our technical solution is independent of all mainstream providers and allows you to build your creative solution as dynamic ads and integrate them into any ad server or send them to any media agency or programmatic platform and run them there.

We offer you a wide range of activation options for branding, e-commerce, political campaigns, prospecting, persona targeting. 

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Solutions for all devices

Our offer for your creation covers a huge range of devices and placements in one fell swoop.

High Resolution Screens - Desktop & Laptop

Mobiles & Tablets

Digital Out Of Home


Printed mailings


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The information changes and you want to be able to react immediately?

Simply adjust your data container and all ads will be updated.

You can customize any content here: videos, images, text, products, branding messages, availability, colors, logos and anything else we haven't written down now. Everything in real time.

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We advise you, person to person!

Oh don't get us wrong, we love bots, automated communication and artificial intelligence - in the real world you always have a personal contact with us. This is important to us.

On the one hand, we would like to use our experience to provide you with quick and uncomplicated support for your campaign. On the other hand, because we are all looking for solutions that are not always standard - and that's what we're here for. Or when preparing your presentation for your customer - call us and we will provide you with attention-grabbing content.


With the right campaign
get really good results.