One video. Always up-to-date content. 
Offers, products and services are presented in an eye-catching way.

With Converto's live video rendering technology, video advertising is possible for the first time, which is adapted to the surfing behavior of each individual user.

Converto's Live Video Rendering technology enables dynamic, personalized video advertising. It marks a user when they visit the website or shop and registers the content or products that a user looks at.

This content is then automatically searched for in the product feed of the respective provider.

With this information, a video with the viewed content is now dynamically generated, which is displayed to the user on a Swiss publisher website in Converto's publisher pool.

The advertised products are individually clickable and linked to the respective landing page. Thanks to the individual addressing of interested users, in combination with the fast-growing medium of online video advertising, a high interaction rate can be achieved.

How does live video rendering work?

Live Video Rendering is the synthesis of different images in real time. The images are put together in such a way that they form a synthesis that is physically exact and of the same high quality. As a rule, a geometric stage is made for the video - or to stay in advertising language: a geometric template. On this «stage», images are then dynamically synthesized in previously defined areas – in real time. At Converto, these are mostly product images from the Converto Feed Master Engine that are projected into the video.

The live video rendering technology calculates so quickly that even the lighting conditions of the dynamically inserted image sequences are calculated in real time. This makes the video look realistic and natural. This happens so quickly that the viewer of the video does not realize that the images are being created the second the video is being watched.

The technology offers fascinating advertising opportunities: from complex video storytelling in native ads to playing out time-critical offers in a matter of seconds on video-related advertising channels.