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Swiss media inventory, long-tail publisher & quality-tested traffic for maximum performance


HelveticoX is the first Swiss performance sell-side platform (Performance SSP) with a high-quality Swiss media inventory for the long-tail performance sector. It is suitable for performance-oriented, programmatic advertising campaigns and offers an exclusive, high-quality Swiss reach.

HelveticoX brings together hundreds of small to medium-sized publishers (so-called long-tail publishers). Individually, they have relatively few media assets. Taken together, however, they form a coveted - and especially valuable for the performance sector - media inventory on topic-specific Swiss sites.
Thanks to constant quality control of the traffic (filtering out bots) and exclusion of websites with dubious content, HelveticoX generates high-quality traffic and thus achieves above-average performance. Furthermore, Converto can guarantee a 100% brand-safe environment and high viewability thanks to direct tag integration.

This is how HelveticoX works.

Simply book via a Deal-ID


Many agencies and customers nowadays use their own

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) or booking tools for the automated processing of your digital media campaigns Despite programmatic processes, it is still time-consuming to book hundreds of small to medium-sized publishers in the long-tail sector via deal IDs or individual bookings. HelveticoX combines high-quality Swiss media inventory on topic websites and makes this bookable via a single deal ID.

The Swiss performance range of HelveticoX can only be booked via a deal ID and is not available in the Open-RTB. The Deal-ID setup for interested advertisers, agencies, trading desks and DSPs is carried out in cooperation with the Converto team. The bidding process is flexible: options from fixed to variable price, from open to guaranteed delivery are available.


HelveticoX is already available and bookable on over 30 DSPs!
Including GOOGLE, MediaMath, XandR, AdForm and many more ... Simply book via a Deal ID.