In the Converto TechStack, Grid20 is the answer to increasingly inefficient advertising.

Learn more about our technical response to the
3 major changes in the digital advertising market.

Bring your message to your target group safely and in compliance with the law in the future.

GDPR restrictions

restrict cross-publisher programmatic 
Audience / targeting campaigns to over 75%. 

Cookie rejection

meanwhile almost 80% of internet users (browser X, Y, Z)

Heavy fragmentation

"Wallet Gardens" prevent correct range calculations

and consequently efficient advertising campaigns.

With GRID20 you switch communication solutions to where your potential customer is at the moment.
Whether with DTI, DSP, Dynamic Ads, CRM, CloudData - everything flows together in the GRID20 and connects the user with you.

Hybrid delivery

Grid20, Converto's state-of-the-art digital advertising delivery system uses the hybrid delivery approach:

DTI and DSP traffic in combination.


GRID20 is able to deal with the circumstances and restrictions resulting from the 3 problems and to eliminate them as far as possible:

  • DTI (Direct Tag Integration) ensures that advertising is played directly (without intermediaries)

  • 100% GDPR compliant: Grid20 meets all criteria and offers advertisers security in terms of data protection criteria

  • Live allocation (hybrid approach): With Grid20, advertising budgets are no longer allocated in a fixed manner but are dynamically adjusted (hybrid live switch between DSP and DTI) in order to achieve the greatest possible reach at favorable conditions and without "losses".

GRID20 MainFrame

Converto's completely independently developed delivery ecosystem guarantees maximum reach with the greatest possible flexibility.

DSP smart integration

GRID20 supplies DSPs automatically, controlled by real-time parameters.

DTI - Brand Safe Delivery

The direct connection of all publishers to Grid20.

Advertising media are delivered as direct integration.


First Swiss performance sell-side platform (Performance SSP) with qualitative media inventory for the long-tail performance sector. 



Connects to Facebook, Google, Pinterest and other APIs and automatically imports Live Trend data and statistics.

UXS (User Exchange Switch)

A fingerprint based "exchange" for easy twinning and DSGVO compliant "targeting beyond cookies". Increasing the media value and efficiency of the campaign.

Feed Master Engine (FBA)

The Converto proprietary Feed Master Engine lets you connect content (products, news, articles, brand messages, etc.) easily and selectively.

all screens All formats.

The form of the played advertising can be adjusted as desired: Video and banners for all screens and devices.