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Converto's Feed Master Engine (FME) is the innovative marketing software that enables feed-based advertising campaigns.

Do you have structured data from branding to e-commerce? Use them directly as input for your advertising material. Turn your information into Real Time Ads. 


Any company that processes data in any form, manages its offers or has stored service offers can  display your branding message, product or service feeds or e-commerce data in real time as an advertising medium with the Feed Master Engine.  


Whether data-driven advertising in the display, video, DOOH, e-mail and by post, programmatic campaign implementation, dynamic ads, or cross-media solutions  - You can manage and control all of this centrally via Converto's Feed Master Engine.

Our customers represent all branches of retail and e-commerce  Finance & Insurance up to  service providers with customer service . The Feed Master Engine is used in B2C as well as in B2B campaigns.

Advantage of dynamic ads:


  • 24/7 up-to-date advertising content

  • Integrations in various formats such as: banners, video, DOOH and also postcards

  • Always in the company's CDCI

  • Highly flexible campaign planning and optimization (e.g. pausing at the push of a button)


Advantage in combination with the Feed Master Engine :

  • simple and intuitive handling

  • personal customer service and support

  • Can be used with all providers (AdTech, AdManagement, AdTracking,...)

  • no minimum contracts

  • no exclusivity

The Feed Master Engine delivers individual content about your products or services with just a few clicks. You can use the connected advertising network, integrate it into your own planning or deliver your campaign on social media as display or video ads.


This powerful technology allows real-time control of campaign content:


  • within just 4 milliseconds you can reach your target group with the latest offers!

Technical information and creation:

Data-driven advertising is that easy with Converto's Feed Master Engine  like never before.

Two parallel processes run side by side:

The technical implementation of the content and data feeds and the layout of the advertising material.

Connection of the content feed

update cycles

  • daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

choice of advertising media

Based on the feed, the Converto Feed Master Engine creates the dynamic advertising material with the latest data from the feed. Content is automatically adapted to the format size

Definition of layout and look & feel for ads

  • Design specifications are implemented

  • CD specifications such as colors, fonts, logos, etc. are implemented

Acceptance and GzD GzAiring

  • Customer, agency Approval of the design or correction loops

The platform at a glance

The Feed Master Engine consists of three modules: Feed Editor, Feed Based Advertising (FBA) Campaign Manager and Feed Based Advertising Reporting Suite.

If you love the details, you can find out more about our Feed Master Engine platform here:

feed editor

The feed editor links your product range with Converto's Feed Master Engine.

The Converto interface imports all feeds according to your selection. The FME handles a variety of data formats - from simple Excel file uploads to live links to shop software.

Select Converto's Feed Master Engine directly as an export option from your favorite feed management platform and now promote your products with feed-based advertising from the leading feed management platforms such as Channable, ChannelPilot, GoogleShopping, Lengow and ProductsUp.


Tip: All product information (product name, image, etc.) can also be adjusted directly from the feed editor after the import with a mouse click, without editing the feed itself!

FBA campaign

Advertisers can use the FBA Campaign area of the FME to control, modify or optimize the data-based campaigns themselves. These are customizable in real-time at the ad level:


  • the advertiser or converto can manually select one or more ads for the live push of a current offer or text or brand message.


Automated delivery options range from rotation of the entire range, rotation of a specific category, to intelligent delivery of top sellers through machine learning.

FBA reporting

Live campaign monitoring and product-level reporting make the Feed Master Engine unique:


Not only can each campaign be adjusted at product level with just a few mouse clicks, but the detailed reporting of the Feed Master Engine also offers unprecedented insights into the performance of individual products.


For example, the individual clicks and the unique interaction rate of each product or offer can be viewed live. In addition, Converto can integrate your tracking parameters into every advertisement if you wish, thus offering full transparency with regard to the results achieved.


The display and video advertisements are generated dynamically and in real time from personalized smart themes and selected products or services.

The smart themes (or intelligent layouts) are perfectly adapted to the design of your brand. Your ads are always up to date and always show the latest prices, advertising messages or promotions. Our algorithms, which are based on regional or national data, support advertisers with smart, automated optimizations for their dynamic advertising media.