Use Converto's "dynamic engine". With our feed-based advertising technology, you generate relevance and save time and money!

Technology from own development

Our feed-based advertising solution has been active in the advertising market since 2015. Arose from the need of our customers, free from the narrow conditions and rules of mainstream providers, to be able to use the full range of dynamic advertising. Our in-house development is integrated with all ad server providers, DSPs, as direct integration or as a solution for large networks on the provider and publisher side as well as for network agencies from media and creation.

What is Converto's feed-based advertising technology?

Feed Based Advertising is the official name of our technical solution and technology to integrate dynamic content, inputs, data and information into your communication in a variety of ways.

With feed-based advertising you advertise products, offers, services and content in a target group-oriented and dynamic way via display, video and DOOH.

All elements are assembled live and adjusted in real time. This means that the ideal message for the first contact or in a re-targeting sequence is delivered to the specific user at the right moment. 

This is how you combine your design, content and planning specifications with feed-based advertising.
  Your CD/CI
+ Content feeds
+ Data Feeds, Signals
+ [Audience]Targeting criteria

All feed streams converge in the Feed Master Engine. There you have full access to the data, look and feel, templates and control of your ads before they appear to the end consumer as a video, banner or DOOH ad.

FBA-MP SLide.png
A feed for three media

With the Feed Based Video solution, we offer you two solutions in one. Our Feedmaster Engine dynamically compiles a video from your product feeds based on product images, descriptions and the respective links. At the same time, the individual sequences are individually linked to the product or service detail pages.


You can never go wrong with Feed Based Display, because only relevant information is included in your banner. Regardless of the source, we integrate the information in such a way that users see what really interests them. This way your advertising has a stronger effect and you save money and time.


With Feed Based Digital Out Of Home, your dynamic content even reaches the screens in train stations, streets, public transport, shops and petrol stations.  


Benefit from technologies out of home that make advertising more relevant and unique. 


We integrate your corporate colors, your fonts and your logo. Despite the dynamic and computer-rendered ad design, you always have full control over the appearance and appearance of your communication.

Your content and data feed

No matter what you can offer us as a data source - we integrate all data sources as a dynamic content feed. By the way, even if you only have one website, we can generate a fully automated feed from it - and you don't even have to make any changes to your website!

If you need a checklist, just contact us. Until then, here are a few examples of what we process every day:

  • CSV, EXCEL  

  • XML









  • JSON and more...

  • Sites without data feeds

Turn your existing data into content feeds and your ads into intelligent means of communication.

  • text

  • pictures and videos

  • Product or service information

  • Prices

  • availabilities

  • Left

  • Discounts and Coupons

  • and more...

Simply connect, set rules and your advertising material will be delivered fully automatically.

Your media plan

On request, we also offer you extensive placement options in exclusive Swiss environments, programatic advertising solutions via international DSPs or provide you with the dynamic ads as tags for your own use.


Ads are delivered:

  • according to your placement planning (start/end, budget, languages, context, etc...)

  • as tag in tag, direct placement, programmatically, with your deal ID, or in our Converto network (so you are 100% flexible)

  • as a dynamic advertising medium, with 24/7 exchangeable content, images, videos, texts, links, prices, colors

Das Herz unserer Technologie - mit em converto sich von allem abhebt.
Make FEED BASED ADVERTISING the heart of your campaign. Faster, easier and more flexible.
Dynamic advertising at Converto

You can also find out more about the types of dynamic advertising we implement here.

How does a feed-based advertising campaign work in detail and step by step?

The best way to show you this is in a demo.
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