Omnichannel Marketing Day – With Converto!

7th Omnichannel Marketing Day 2019

On the 20th of march 2019 the 7th Omnichannel Marketing Day hostet by Mayoris will take place in Zürich. We are delighted to announce, that Converto will be one of four marketing specialists to contribute to the omnichannel marketing concept for the e-shop of the Paul Ullrich AG a spirits and wine trader throughout the day.

What is omnichannel marketing about? – Build and increase awareness, generate leads, improve conversion, build community, create customer experiencees and create a consistent customer journey across multiple channels. All this happens on the 7th OMT, when the four marketing specialists join forces to form a customer project. The goal is to to optimally display various channel with a meaningful mix of paid, social and owned media to support the launch of the new B2C e-shop. The presented concepts will be implemented after the OMT and one year later on the 8th Omnichannel Marketing Day 2020 the results of the campaigns will be presented.

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