Meetup: Feed Marketing Strategy with Converto!

Free Meetup: How to implement feeds into your marketing strategy

On Tuesday 29th of January Enrique Diez and Digital Marketing Switzerland will host a public Meetup to discuss about the potential of Feeds and how they can be integrated in one’s own marketing strategy.

Being very much into Feeds ourselves, Converto is thrilled to announce that we too will participate and hold a speech on the topic of Feed based Advertising.

But what exactly is it all about?

It is all about feeds as they are known from facebook or news pages and their potential use in online-marketing. What exactly is a feed? How are they used? And why are they so important parts of the marketing strategies of online-shops, retail stores or travelagencies? In this Meetup we opt to discover the different possibilities offerd by feeds by analyzing real cases and testimonials. Learn how to easily create dynamic ads and even advertising videos!

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