Converto launches Feed Based VIDEO for the Swiss Market

Converto launches Feed Based VIDEO for the Swiss Market

Product videos are nothing new, not even in digital advertising. Video advertising media that dynamically adapt their content, on the other hand, are very new. The special thing about Convertos Live Video Rendering technology is that it updates advertising videos in real time with products that are relevant to the user and can be clicked individually. The advertising video thus becomes a serious performance driver for the first time.

In our demo video above, we show how easy it is to produce product advertising videos using Feed Based Advertising. Have fun watching!

What is Feed Based VIDEO?

Feed Based VIDEO enables dynamic real-time adjustment of video content and is ideal for product-based video advertising. Like all Converto Feed Based products, Feed Based VIDEO is ideal for advertising individual offers or services as well as for acquiring new customers in various industries such as e-commerce, travel, real estate, education, and offline retailers.

How does Feed Based VIDEO work?

The product or service data of an e-shop or retailer is automatically imported into the Converto platform via data feed. The e-shop or retailer catalogue is then mirrored one-to-one in the Converto platform. In the Converto platform, the advertiser selects the products or services to be displayed in his feed-based advertising video. With just a few clicks, the products are directly imported into the advertising video. Within a few seconds, the user then sees the latest advertising video of the advertiser with the latest products or offers on high-quality Swiss publisher pages.
Another technical highlight: the products in the advertising video can be clicked individually and forward the user directly to the deposited offer page. The web operator can make the product selection for the video within Convertos platform himself or have it controlled fully automatically. User targeting is based on Convertos algorithms, which are purely based on Swiss data.

A brief explanation of the  Live Renedering Video-Technologie

Live video rendering is the synthesis of various images in real time, so that the individual images form a coherent overall picture. Converto creates a video template for advertisers, which is dynamically supplemented in real time with additional images and information. The video template is the stage for the rendered products or services. The live video rendering technology calculates so fast that a perfect advertising video is created within seconds.

Click & enjoy – also in the video!

Especially interesting for performance advertisers is the fact that each product or service automatically has its own click URL to a landing page. This leads the user directly to the conversion.

Which video formats and channels are used to promote the new videos?

Feed Based VIDEOS can handle the following popular video formats: Pre-Roll, In-Read, In-Stream or Out-Stream. These are used according to the campaign goal or budget.
Thanks to Direct Tag Integration, the videos can be played directly on high-quality Swiss websites via the Converto platform. Social media campaigns (especially Facebook and Instagram) can also be booked for the new video product.
The video campaigns are accompanied by Convertos’ experienced key account management team. The close support as well as Convertos’ high-quality publisher pool offer the advertiser a 100% brand-safe and high-quality environment for their video campaign.

More advantages of Feed Based VIDEO

Feed Based VIDEO offers advertisers a significant increase in reach for performance campaigns, on the one hand through the use of previously unusable media channels and placements, and on the other through the broad user acceptance and high attention generation of the video format. A decisive factor in Convertos’ new video solution is also the saving of resources in the production of advertising material. For example, creating video creatives to advertise the approximately 800-1000 top sellers from an online shop with approximately 50,000 products would be virtually impossible, as this would cause enormous costs and take up a lot of time. With Convertos Live Video Rendering exactly this is possible: all top sellers can be advertised within seconds.

In summary, the technology offers an extension of the reach as well as fascinating advertising possibilities such as elaborate video storytelling in native ads and time-critical offers played out in seconds on video-affine advertising channels.


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