Converto delivers high quality leads for Europa-Park

Converto Europapark

Lead generation to the point: Europa-Park was able to generate site visits with Converto’s “Performance Reach” product that converted three times better than comparable channels.

Europa-Park is a unique destination for families and friends with over 100 attractions, 23 hours of daily show programme and 15 European themed areas with typical architecture, gastronomy and vegetation. Several times a year, Europa-Park runs digital advertising campaigns with the aim of making potential Swiss customers aware of special themes and offers. Specifically, Europa-Park would like to collect addresses of interested families – so-called leads – in Switzerland. To this end, Europa-Park has switched its performance display campaigns in parallel via two different providers. The results show: Convertos product “Performance Reach” delivers the higher quality traffic.

The two parallel performance display campaigns, implemented with Converto and the display network of an international search engine (DN), were measured and compared using the same technology. The results showed that while the ads on DN had an 18% higher click-through rate, Converto’s traffic converted almost three times better. Converto’s bounce rate was also over 30% lower than DN’s. In summary, Converto’s generated site visits were more relevant and visitors showed more interest in Europa Park’s offerings.

Stephanie Steiger, Online Marketing Manager at Europa-Park, appreciates Convertos’ goal-oriented approach: “You must never lose sight of your campaign goal. In this case, it was very clear to us that we had to generate qualitative addresses. What positively surprised us about the cooperation with Converto was how good their traffic really is: it converted significantly better than that of other, comparable channels.”

Responsible at Europa-Park: Stephanie Steiger, Online Marketing Managerin Schweiz, Europa-Park Representative Switzerland

Responsible at Converto: Jacky Korrodi, Head of Account Management, Converto

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