Targeting with Swiss data enables your advertising to reach the ideal target audience. Bullseye.

Targeting with Swiss data enables your advertising to reach the ideal target audience. Bullseye.

Direct Tag Integration (DTI) refers to the direct technical connection of Swiss websites, portals and apps to Convertos advertising platforms. This means that publishers who work with Converto integrate Converto AdTag directly into the code of their site or ad server. Converto technology also checks whether the generated traffic actually comes from the registered URL. Advertisements thus reach the delivery page directly – without any middlemen. Direct tag integration therefore offers transparency, attractive

Advertising space, and a 100% secure environment for your advertisements.
Despite the high maintenance costs of a directly connected publisher pool – each placement on each website must be individually integrated into the Converto system – hence Converto relies on DTI to guarantee the quality and brand safety, as well as above average viewability of your advertising campaigns. Over 400 Swiss pages and placements are already connected to Convertos’ growing publisher pool. Get your own Direct Tag!

How does Converto create a target porfile?

Converto collects and analyzes its own data in order to guarantee the best quality of targeting. To create a profile, different touchpoints are evaluated: login data, campaign interactions, website visits, etc.

Only when the accuracy of a profile is statistically high, the Converto Targeting technology activates the information for the purpose of targeting. The Converto Direct Tag Integration (DTI) Publisher Pool enables an analysis of the customer journey of the user and a high precision of the anonymous profiles.

TouchPoint Targeting Grafik

The standard targeting options available for the Swiss markets are:


  • Gender
  • Age: 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 45+
  • Language: DE, FR, IT, EN
  • Region
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Affinity and interests: Architecture, cars, fashion, sport, finance, B2B, travel, e-commerce, pleasure  & food, tech, lifestyle, beauty, dating, gaming, and many more.

The Converto team will be happy to discuss custom targeting options with you. We are constantly expanding our targeting.
Contact us to best target your customer profile.