Black Friday, Christmas and Online Shopping:
Start the Shopping Season!


Are you one of the clever marketing professionals who are already winning the shopping season today. 

It's no longer a secret that Black Friday is the (in) official start of the pre-Christmas shopping season. As a marketing professional, you benefit from the high willingness of consumers not to miss out on favorable opportunities in many ways. 

The search and scouting for suitable products, gifts, offers and platforms that offer good deals begins at an early stage. In order to be part of this “competition”, it is crucial to address your customers in good time with the right messages, offers or products.

Not every customer is the same as another.
Use "Persona" definitions to develop clear customer profiles for a successful approach.

Classic campaign targeting is not enough. Especially not at a time when the competition for customer acquisition is very high and users are flooded with advertising.


Map your important customer segments as "personas". Ask yourself the questions: What do these profiles look like? What are these user groups looking for? How old are you? What are you into? etc.

A completely separate targeting strategy is developed for each persona, whereby potential consumers can be reached in a very specific and therefore highly effective manner.

They know about the effectiveness of placements with targeting such as geography, language, formats, page categories and environments.
The next step is to align these targetings with personas and combine them with Converto's technology, which generates the banners and messages fully automatically in real time.

First step: define your personas
Three examples


Second step: Your design specifications are implemented in a template for all display and video formats.


Third step: Your communication is dynamically delivered to the right persona.

Successful, cost-efficient and effective marketing develops the maximum potential if you can address the different personas and potential new customers differently.


Therefore: Combine the latest targeting methods together with a technology that specifically addresses the respective persona according to your inputs.


Specifically: different texts, colors, background images, products, offers for each persona - and all of this within your design specifications and fully dynamic.


With Converto you can achieve:

  • Your personas at the right moment
    (We are happy to support you in creating the personas)

  • Your potential buyers with the message based on insights about the individual persona

  • each user specifically with advertising material that is dynamically created and delivered on the fly by the system according to your strict design specifications.

  • strong campaigns with one of the most powerful programmatic placement systems

  • cost-efficient and transparent planning

  • complete reports, including your individual tracking (we allow all AdServer trackers)

  • Access to premium websites for placement in the first second

  • Scalable communication through semantic delivery